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Homeless, Mentally Ill And Elderly Are Likely To Suffer Because Legislators Can’t Agree On A Budget

Some human service providers directed their frustration at lawmakers for their inability to reach consensus on how to break the fiscal gridlock.

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We have too many nonprofits. Here's why that matters.

Some say the number of nonprofits isn't the issue; it's that the sector could work more efficiently if some organizations teamed up.

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Without a CT budget by July 1, the options are all bad

The state's largest nonprofit coalition, the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, warned this week that a similar situation certainly would harm some of the state's most vulnerable citizens.

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Nonprofit Alliance Suggests Budget Savings, But Butts Heads With Union

Instead of coming to the state with their hats in their hands, a group of nonprofit community providers are asking the state to change the way it serves those with disabilities and mental health or substance abuse disorders.

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Connecticut nonprofit alliance seeks change in way state provides services

Alice Forrester, CEO of New Haven-based Clifford Beers Clinic; Pat Bourne, executive director of Sarah Inc.; and Gian-Carl Casa,...

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Op-Ed: Christie’s Funding Freeze Punishes People In Distress, Nonprofits

Based on feedback provided by affected organizations to an informal request from the Center for Non-Profits, the current and potential consequences could be devastating if the funds are not released soon.

Tags: New Jersey, State Budget

Pa. nonprofits wary of lack of budget progress

Ann Gingerich, executive director at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, says 135 state nonprofits had to borrow nearly $200 million to continue operating last year.

Tags: State Budget, Pennsylvania

Delaware nonprofits escape budget cuts

Sheila Bravo, president and chief executive officer of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, praised the committee's vote.

Tags: Delaware, State Budget

The real-life impact of the budget impasse

According to the study prepared by Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, along with Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership and United Way of Pennsylvania, more than 17,000 Pennsylvanians served by 22...

Tags: Pennsylvania, State Budget

As another Pa. budget deadline looms, nonprofits hope it won’t be déjà vu

All told, the survey counted 17,100 people who were turned away or received reduced services during the nine-month stalemate.

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