Nonprofits turn to tech to court younger, more diverse donors

Those smaller nonprofits have also been hit hard by the Great Resignation and many...

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Statement on IRS guidance regarding Employee Retention Tax Credit repeal

In response to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication of Notice 2021-65, guidance to employers on dealing with the retroactive repeal of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (...

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Tags: Employee Retention Tax Credit, #Relief4Charities

Nonprofit Organizations Are About to Get Hit With a Big Bill to Help Pay for the Nation’s Infrastructure

recent survey from the National Council on Nonprofits found that nonprofit...

Tags: Workforce Shortage, Employee Retention Tax Credit, #Relief4Charities

A 2nd COVID holiday season is here: These are the challenges facing charities, nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is facing the same pressures as for-profit businesses when it comes to workforce, which is said to be the single biggest challenge as the region transitions back from the emergency state of the pandemic. 

Tags: New York, Workforce Shortage, #Relief4Charities

IRS Guidance Likely on Repeal of Employee Retention Credit

Nonprofit employers have also opposed the fourth-quarter termination of the ERC.

Tags: Employee Retention Tax Credit, #Relief4Charities

Labor shortage hits nonprofit organizations harder than other business sectors

Rick Cohen is the chief operating officer for the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: Workforce, #Relief4Charities

After nearly two years of 'devastating' impact from COVID, local nonprofits try to recover

According to National Council of Nonprofits Chief Operating and Communications Officer Rick Cohen, the combination of an economic downfall along with restrictions and social distancing protocols across the country are creating a snowball effect,...

Tags: South Carolina, Pandemic, COVID-19, Fundraising, #Relief4Charities

Remember the ERTC?

David Thompson of the National Council of Nonprofits noted that at least some not-for-profit outfits were frozen out of other coronavirus relief measures, suggesting that the ERTC was more important to their sector.

Tags: Employee Retention Tax Credit, #Relief4Charities

Nonprofits struggling to hire staff amid labor shortage

David L. Thompson is with the National Council of Nonprofits, which represents a network of 25,000 nonprofits across the country.

“It's a significant problem for nonprofits,” he said.

Tags: #Relief4Charities, Workforce Shortage, Employment

Franchot: Maryland 'deplorably inadequate' at distributing pandemic aid

Heather Iliff, president and CEO of Maryland Nonprofits, an umbrella group, expressed frustration that Baltimore City is the only jurisdiction to begin releasing aid to nonprofits, months after the funds were first...

Tags: Maryland, American Rescue Plan Act, #Relief4Charities


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