Planning guides area nonprofits through challenges

Often a nonprofit organization begins with little more than a need, a vision and someone willing to take action.

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Pennsylvania Nonprofits Look in the Mirror

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the nation’s 33rd-largest and sixth-most populous state. According to GuideStar, there are 71,226 501(c)(3) public charities (plus 4,767 religious organizations) operating in the state.

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The $1.4 billion that doesn’t pay property tax

Despite the tax squeeze caused by exempted properties, many organizations argue their property tax-free existence provides greater benefits to the community.

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Nonprofit organizations need income generators

Using those methods is pretty common, said Tish Mogan, standards for excellence director at the Harrisburg-based Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

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Bill Aims to Crack Down on Charities with High Overhead Costs

While some see DeLuca's bill as necessary step to protect donors, others worry about the potential trickledown effect.

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Local nonprofits bracing for new federal overtime rules

Like it or not, nonprofits are going to have to figure out how to comply, said Anne L. Gingerich, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

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Pa. nonprofits wary of lack of budget progress

Ann Gingerich, executive director at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, says 135 state nonprofits had to borrow nearly $200 million to continue operating last year.

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The real-life impact of the budget impasse

According to the study prepared by Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, along with Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership and United Way of Pennsylvania, more than 17,000 Pennsylvanians served by 22...

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As another Pa. budget deadline looms, nonprofits hope it won’t be déjà vu

All told, the survey counted 17,100 people who were turned away or received reduced services during the nine-month stalemate.

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Scranton nonprofit launches protest on state budget inaction

More organizations are at the end of their rope with the budget stalemate, having drawn down credit lines and reserves, tapped donors, cut hours or even shut down for a time to stretch out their operations, said Anne Gingerich, executive director...

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