Local nonprofits bracing for new federal overtime rules

Like it or not, nonprofits are going to have to figure out how to comply, said Anne L. Gingerich, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

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Nationwide Survey Points to Need for Adjusting Government-Nonprofit Grants/Contracts to Accommodate Changes to Federal Overtime Rules

More than 1,000 nonprofits share aspirations and anxiety related to new overtime rule

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New overtime rules could hit nonprofits hard

There are more than 17,000 nonprofit organizations in Oregon. A vast majority of those have no paid staff. But between those that do, there are about 172,000 employees, said Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

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Local employers react to DOL's overtime rule

Nonprofit organizations will also be effected by the overtime rule updates.

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Nonprofits: Programs, fundraising could be hurt by new overtime rules

The feedback from the Michigan Nonprofit Association's members has been mixed, President Donna Murray-Brown said.

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Nonprofit Reactions to New Overtime Rules Run the Gamut

From the moment the new rule was put forward for public comment in 2015, the nonprofit community has seen them as asking them to make a difficult choice, balancing their mission of helping those in need with the realities of operating. ...

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Montana Labor, Non-Profit Groups React to New Federal Overtime Rule

Starting December 1, most salaried workers earning about $47,500 or less a year will get time-and-a-half pay when they put in over 40 hours a week. That’s more than double the existing overtime cutoff.

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More Nonprofit Employees Qualify for Overtime Under New Regulation

The potential increase in personnel expenses means that nonprofits with government contracts requiring them to provide services at a set cost may find themselves "between a rock and a hard place," said David L.

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Proposed Overtime Changes May Strain Some Nonprofit Budgets

The National Council of Nonprofits said that the change could affect millions of nonprofit workers. It’s encouraging its members to "conduct a mission-based analysis" of the rule change’s potential effects.

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