Point of View: Legislation has Oklahoma nonprofits under attack

House Bill 2250 would limit the way an animal rights charity could solicit funds for programs, functional expenses and advocacy out-of-state, or lobbying and advocacy efforts within the state.

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Nonprofit Head Concerned Animal Rights Fundraising Bill Could Hurt Other Charities

However, Marnie Taylor, the president and CEO of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, told The Journal Record’s ...

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Charity Inc.: Stand for your mission

While so much advocacy and public education happens at the grass-roots level, I also encourage nonprofits to start with their boards to stand for their missions.

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Chesapeake Layoffs Could Affect Metro Nonprofits In Future

Nonprofits are now having to be more creative on where they ask for donations and they are having to look at other industries besides energy.

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Charity Inc.: Advancing new emerging practices

While philanthropists and nonprofits have some of the most promising answers for these issues, they are currently at or exceeding capacity to deliver those services.

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Charity Inc.: A state with no nonprofits?

But another question arises and causes some concern. Nonprofits – as a whole – don’t have quite the seat at the community table as our governmental and for-profit counterparts.

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Charity Inc.: Advocacy for nonprofits

Nonprofits, like everyone else, are susceptible to any changes in the economy. Unfortunately, nonprofits are sometimes disproportionately affected by those changes, and any small downturn could cause headaches for years to come.

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Charity Inc.: Dig deep into your hearts

Culturally, we are almost hard-wired to make December a season of giving. Many times, faith is at play, as religious holidays centered around giving occur in December, and we celebrate the prosperity of a new year at the end of the month.

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