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Charities could be big losers under tax reform. One NC rep is trying to fix that.

“The universal deduction is really an essential part of tax reform,” said David Heinen, the vice president for public policy and advocacy for the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

Tags: Charitable Deduction, Charitable Giving Incentives, Tax Reform, North Carolina

Donations Raised By Professional Fundraisers Dropped Sharply Last Year

Importantly, however, this does not mean that nonprofits actually raised less money. This report is generated by the N.C.

Tags: North Carolina, Fundraising

NC’s nonprofits need succession plans

It was a textbook example of how to pass the reins at a nonprofit – and, according to a new study from the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, all too rare.

Tags: North Carolina, Succession Planning

Nonprofits scramble to adjust to new overtime requirement

“Pay tends to be a little bit lower than in the for-profit sector, so there are more employees who are below the new salary threshold,” explains David Heinen, vice president for public policy and...

Tags: North Carolina, Overtime

Counting on Donations: IRS Proposal Could Change How Charities Collect Info

David Heinen, vice president for public policy and advocacy with the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, says collecting personal information such as Social Security numbers could create a financial and temporal burden for organizations.

Tags: North Carolina, IRS, Gift Substantiation

Maintain charitable deductions

The proposal to limit the deductibility of charitable contributions will dramatically and negatively affect these worthwhile organizations as well as their donors.

Tags: North Carolina, Charitable Giving Incentives

State must help vital nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations in North Carolina have never been more influential. They have also rarely been under greater stress.

Tags: North Carolina, Nonprofit Impact

NC Center for Nonprofits Founder Jane Kendall Will Retire in November

Jane Kendall, founder and president of the N.C. Center for Nonprofits, will retire in November after 25 years as one of North Carolina’s and the nation’s foremost advocates for the nonprofit sector.

Tags: North Carolina, Leadership

Taxing nonprofits would harm N.C. communities

As Chair of the Board for the N.C. Center for Nonprofits and President and CEO of the Levine Museum of the New South, I know firsthand how essential charitable nonprofits are in our state.

Tags: North Carolina, Tax Exemption, State Tax Issues

North Carolina Considers Tinkering with Nonprofit Tax Laws

The North Carolina Revenue Laws Study Committee recommended legislation recently that would...

Tags: North Carolina, State Tax Issues


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