Worker Shortage Hits MT Nonprofit World Hard

The country has a worker shortage - and it's leading to hard times for nonprofits.

Tags: Montana, Workforce Shortage

Montana Nonprofit Association helping organizations work through COVID-19

Since COVID-19 reached Montana, nonprofits have faced the social services challenges heads-on.heads on to help those in need.

Tags: Montana, COVID-19

Coronavirus Package Could Provide Aid To Montana Nonprofits

“We’re just now looking at the CARES Act and all the SBA stuff trying to understand what kind of relief is available to nonprofits,” says Montana Nonprofit Association Executive Director Liz Moore.

Tags: Montana, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Voluntary Generosity Is Not Enough

Since the founding of our country nonprofits have been a key partner to government as a mechanism for carrying out government responsibilities and obligations in a more efficient, community-centric way.

Tags: Montana, Government-Nonprofit Contracting, State Budgets

Charitable nonprofits shouldn’t become political

I write today as board chair for the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), a membership organization representing more than 600 nonprofits across Montana.

Tags: Montana, Nonpartisanship, Advocacy, Johnson Amendment

Montana Labor, Non-Profit Groups React to New Federal Overtime Rule

Starting December 1, most salaried workers earning about $47,500 or less a year will get time-and-a-half pay when they put in over 40 hours a week. That’s more than double the existing overtime cutoff.

Tags: Montana, Overtime

Some nonprofits bank on year-end generosity

The Montana Nonprofit Association has 600 members, which is about 10 percent of the nonprofits in the state, she said. And about 47,000 Montanans are employed by nonprofits, or 30,000 if you don’t count hospitals.

Tags: Montana, Giving

In busy giving time, choose wisely on who gets your money

For many of us, donating to worthy causes during the holidays is a significant part of the season.

Tags: Montana, Giving, GivingTuesday
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