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Nonprofits fear minimum wage hike without accompanying rise in state contract pay

“When we think about raising wages, we think that’s a good thing, but the question is: How do these things get paid for,” says Sheila Bravo, CEO of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement.

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Legislators make new push to raise state’s minimum wage

The measure could also seriously impact nonprofits, according to Melissa Hopkins, vice president of sector advancement for the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement.

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Mandatory wage hikes pinch nonprofits

Most community-based nonprofits are locked into federal, state and local contracts that will not honor the increased employee costs that the wage increase brings, meaning that nonprofits would have to use or raise charitable dollars to subsidize...

Tags: New York, Government-Nonprofit Contracting, Minimum Wage

Viewpoints: Prop. 206 is a double-edged sword for non-profits

As champions for our strong and vital non-profit sector, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and its members believe every individual deserves to make a living wage.

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Twin Cities nonprofits move forward on livable wage

Higher wages also help nonprofits retain employees and make jobs in the sector affordable for people who find the work rewarding.

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New overtime rules could hit nonprofits hard

There are more than 17,000 nonprofit organizations in Oregon. A vast majority of those have no paid staff. But between those that do, there are about 172,000 employees, said Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

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Minimum Wage Hike Puts Nonprofits in an Awkward Position

CalNonprofits, the state nonprofit industry’s lobbying arm, conditionally endorsed unspecified wage-hike...

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Minimum Wage No Small Issue For Nonprofits

Unlike a big-name retailer or fast-food establishment that can absorb a wage increase by charging a few extra dollars for a cheeseburger, most nonprofits do not have such direct means of absorbing wage increases, said Doug Sauer, CEO of the New...

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LA County supervisors reject minimum wage exemptions

Nancy Berlin from the California Association of Nonprofits said a survey of their members found that 77 percent of nonprofits support a minimum wage increase.

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