Maine Proposal to Impose Property Tax on Nonprofits Sparks National Debate

One major reason that nonprofits are exempt from tax is due to the beneficial impact of their work on local communities. “Property tax is a benefits linked tax and the exemption is provided to pay for services,” said Walczak.

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Planning for the inevitable: Nonprofits and the coming wave of leadership retirements

While it is hard to know for certain whether we are seeing the start of that wave, or the crest, there are clear signs that the retirement of nonprofit leaders has become a front and center issue for nonprofit boards.

Tags: Maine, Leadership

Taxing nonprofits ‘neither feasible nor desirable’

Many nonprofits provide needed community services that the government does not. Shelters for those seeking to escape domestic violence provide a safe place to go.

Tags: Maine, Property Taxes

Maine Nonprofits: Gov's Plan to Impose Taxes Will Lead to Job Losses

"There's a ripple effect out of non-profit employment and that's the challenge with this particular proposal," says Scott Schnapp, executive director of the Maine Association of Nonprofits.

Tags: Maine, Property Taxes

Maine Governor Proposes Taxes on Nonprofits

The Maine Governor’s budget plan calls for ending revenue sharing with municipalities and replacing those funds by allowing communities to tax the...

Tags: Property Taxes, Maine

Nonprofit Independence Challenged, Preserved in the Northeast

The public and government officials often misunderstand the relationship between governments and charitable nonprofits and mistakenly presume that rules and mandates by government ought to automatically apply to these independent organizations....

Tags: Nonprofit Independence, Maine, New Hampshire

Small nonprofits no more susceptible to fraud than large ones

The Maine Association of Nonprofits has for 20 years promoted and supported the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct among nonprofit leadership through its many programs, resources and...

Tags: Maine, Fraud

Maine Voices: Gov. LePage’s perplexing view of nonprofits misleading and untrue

In a recent post-election interview, Gov.

Tags: Maine, Economy, Employment

State Tax Reform in 2014 and Charitable Giving Incentives

Comprehensive tax reform remains a priority on several state legislative agendas in 2014, and nonprofits learned...

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Giving Incentives, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Kentucky, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Maine


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