Count Me In Kentucky Nonprofit Coalition Sets Aim on 2020 Census

The results of the Census determine how many federal dollars the state gets over the next ten years and impacts other state issues, like how many votes we get in the House of Representatives.

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Will Kentucky continue to thrive? It depends on the 2020 Census

Kentucky Nonprofit Network and partners from across the Commonwealth formed the Count Me In 2020 KY Nonprofit Coalition to encourage nonprofits in all Kentucky communities to engage in simple census outreach that encourages their stakeholders to...

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Why Kentucky Nonprofits Can't Afford an Inaccurate Census Count

Danielle Clore heads the Kentucky Nonprofit Network and says such groups are uniquely qualified to help overcome potential barriers to a complete and accurate count.

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Nonprofits launch coalition for accurate 2020 census count

The state association of nonprofits launched a Count Me In 2020 KY Nonprofit Coalition to help mobilize nonprofits and foundations to encourage all Kentuckians to ensure they are counted in the upcoming 2020 census.

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Lawmakers pass tax cleanup bill late Wednesday night

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network released the following statement on the bill's passage.

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A nonprofit sales tax has caused confusion and worse: Three new bills may help

“You know, when you open up the tax code, wonderful things can happen and awful things can happen,” said Danielle Clore, the CEO of Kentucky Nonprofit Network, whose organization supports all three bills.

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'The invisible backbone of communities'

Besides meeting critical needs, local nonprofits soothe our souls with dance, music, theatrical productions, visual art and botanical gardens.

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Kentucky nonprofits may receive sales tax exemption

According to Danielle Clore, Kentucky Nonprofit Network executive director, organizations are having to spend time and money trying to understand the new laws, determine how the changes affect them and adjust their business practices to comply....

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How did Kentucky nonprofits end up taxed?

"There's a lot of frustration, some anger. Concern and anxiety. How is this going to impact our fundraising?" Kentucky Nonprofit Network executive director Danielle Clore asks.

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‘Anxiety and frustration.’ KY charities struggle as new tax hits fund-raising events.

Nonprofits around Kentucky are still trying to figure out exactly how the law applies to them, said Danielle Clore, executive director of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network. The new tax law was approved by the legislature in the spring.

Tags: Kentucky, Tax Exemption, Sales Tax


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