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Nonprofit Advocates Make Last-Ditch Push on Senate Tax Bill

During a call with nonprofit leaders and reporters hosted by the National Council of Nonprofits, Amanda Tyler, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, said she fears Mr.

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CT nonprofits fear GOP tax overhaul will reduce charitable giving

There are other concerns, too, said Casa of the CT Community Non-Profit Alliance.

Tags: Tax Reform, Johnson Amendment, Connecticut

Free speech and the pulpit

Yet, many organizations, religious or otherwise, fear what might happen to a political landscape free of the Johnson Amendment. Their concern is that a repeal will attract those aforementioned loophole-seekers.

Tags: Tax Reform, Johnson Amendment

Charities Line Up Against Tax Bill

The Colorado Nonprofit Association officially opposed the bill Nov. 13 while it was still up for discussion in the House and hopes these items can be changed or removed in the Senate or that senators will vote down the bill.

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Deduction, Johnson Amendment, Colorado

How the tax package could blur the separation of church and politics

For example, religious leaders currently can speak about abortion as long as they do not endorse candidates based on their views regarding the procedure. If the proposed tax code amendment becomes law, they would be free to do just that.

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GOP tax bill will allow nonprofits to endorse political candidates

Anne Gingerich is executive director of the Pennsylvania Associations of Nonprofits. She says, repealing the Johnson Amendment would turn charitable organizations into weapons for political parties.

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Blowing Up Democracy and Charities in One Fell Swoop

Even worse, say nonprofit-sector leaders, the bill would erode the public’s trust in charities, lumping them in with unpopular parties and candidates, and driving down contributions.

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Here's 3 reasons why you should oppose the current tax reform bills

If you care about the work of doing good in Pennsylvania, now is not the time to remain silent.

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No thanks to sleight of hand in the tax bill, all nonprofits could engage in politics

Nonprofits and foundations didn’t ask for this change. It was something proposed by a very small number of religious leaders.

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House Passage of Its Tax Bill Demonstrates Congress’ Disregard for Their Constituents and the Work of Charitable Nonprofits

Washington, DC - Tim Delaney, President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, which advocates on behalf the work of charitable nonprofits nationwide, released the following statement on the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act in the...

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