Nonprofits to President Biden and Congressional Leaders: Invest in Charities to Help Meet Community Recovery Needs

WASHINGTON, July 21 — Today, 55 national nonprofits sent a letter to President Joe...

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Tags: #Relief4Charities, Jobs, Universal Charitable Deduction

Senate Bill Would Provide For $50 Billion In NPO Aid

The WORK NOW Act is a “front-burner issue” as the Biden Administration and Congress get to work on their next legislative priority, an infrastructure package, Thompson said.

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Minnesota nonprofit job postings now include what's long been secret: Pay

Nonprofit pay has been rising in Minnesota, which has more than 9,000 nonprofits.

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Why Work for a Nonprofit? Creating a Career with Impact

“Nonprofits offer the opportunity to change the world or to help your neighbors in your local community, all while continuing to build your professional skills,” says Rick Cohen, spokesperson for the National Council of Nonprofits.

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