Fundraisers shift from ballrooms to Zoom as Chicago nonprofits struggle to keep donations flowing during pandemic

Tags: COVID-19, #Relief4Charities, Illinois

Large Nonprofits Struggle to Provide Services While Locked Out of Pandemic Aid

Bryan Zarou, director of public policy and advocacy at Forefront, a statewide association representing grant-makers and nonprofit organizations, said that while philanthropic organizations...

Tags: COVID-19, Illinois

GOP tax plan could cut billions in charitable donations

"Many of these groups that were hard-hit that didn’t receive funding — many of them still haven’t received funding,” said Anita Banerji, director of public policy for Forefront, a statewide membership association for nonprofits and foundations....

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Deduction, Illinois

We have too many nonprofits. Here's why that matters.

Some say the number of nonprofits isn't the issue; it's that the sector could work more efficiently if some organizations teamed up.

Tags: Illinois, State Budget

Rating the rater: How accurate is Charity Navigator?

Charity Navigator and similar rating sites offer “only one facet” of an organization—finances—says Delia Coleman, vice president of strategy and policy at Forefront, a group that represents funders and nonprofits, with offices in Chicago and...

Tags: Illinois, Watchdogs

Forefront offers peer learning networks for nonprofits

Capacity building efforts can include a broad range of approaches, including participating in professional training and development sessions, exploring collaboration with other nonprofits and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Tags: Illinois, Capacity Building

Foundations Show Signs of Moving Beyond ‘Overhead Myth’

Many of the efforts to craft new financing approaches are young and have not yet produced dramatic change.

Tags: Illinois, California, Overhead, Indirect Costs

Foundation Leaders: Philanthropic Investments Can't Close IL Budget Gap

Speaking at a Tuesday press conference, representatives from the Chicago Foundation for Women, the Donors Forum, the Polk Bros.

Tags: Illinois, State Budgets

Illinois’s Donors Forum Challenges SOI of State Budget Cuts

The Illinois Donors Forum, which serves as both the state’s nonprofit association and grantmakers association, is pursuing a different strategy than Connecticut’s with the issuance of three reports demonstrating the social value of state-...

Tags: Illinois, SOI, Impact, Economic Impact

The spirit of holiday giving

Giving Tuesday – which is today – falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is a designated day of giving to charity.

Tags: Illinois, Giving, GivingTuesday


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