New Jersey charities counting on last-minute generosity

The biggest proportion of charitable funds is usually collected in the last two weeks of the year. said Linda Czipo, executive director of the Center for Non-Profits that provides training and advice for all charities in the Garden State.

Tags: New Jersey, Giving, Fundraising

With funding still tight, Fox Valley leaders say it’s a challenging time to run a nonprofit

Rick Cohen, the director of communications and operations for the Washington, D.C.-based National Council of Nonprofits, which advocates for nonprofits, says not to fall into the trap of writing off a nonprofit because of how much it spends on...

Tags: OwnYourOwnCosts, Overhead, Administrative Costs, Giving

Why Charitable Giving Is A Priority In Generous Idaho

Idaho Nonprofit Center Executive Director Janice Fulkerson says people are less willing to voluntarily give money to government and trust it’ll be spent well, when instead they could choose which charity to directly support.

Tags: Giving, Idaho

Investing in You: Research, document, track charitable deductions

The IRA charitable rollover, which is up for renewal by Congress, allows individual taxpayers older than 70½ years to donate up to $100,000 from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs to charitable nonprofits without having to...

Tags: Charitable Giving Incentives, Giving

Last days of December critical to nonprofit fundraisers

Michigan residents are generous, according to IRS data from 2013.

Tags: Giving, Fundraising, Michigan

Charity Inc.: Dig deep into your hearts

Culturally, we are almost hard-wired to make December a season of giving. Many times, faith is at play, as religious holidays centered around giving occur in December, and we celebrate the prosperity of a new year at the end of the month.

Tags: Oklahoma, Giving

In busy giving time, choose wisely on who gets your money

For many of us, donating to worthy causes during the holidays is a significant part of the season.

Tags: Montana, Giving, GivingTuesday

Maryland Nonprofits campaign promotes 'Giving Tuesday'

The two weekdays after Thanksgiving ­— Black Friday and Cyber Monday — are a bargain hunter’s dream, dedicated to sales and shopping.

Tags: Maryland, Giving, GivingTuesday

Organizations, community celebrate Giving Tuesday

Nonprofits need to make sure their communities are aware of the work they do and how essential they are in filling gaps in service provision, said David Heinen, vice president for public policy and advocacy at the North Carolina Center for...

Tags: North Carolina, Giving, GivingTuesday

The spirit of holiday giving

Giving Tuesday – which is today – falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is a designated day of giving to charity.

Tags: Illinois, Giving, GivingTuesday


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