Form 1023-EZ


Streamlined EO Application Must Go, Group Says

A short and simple IRS form used by groups seeking tax-exempt status as charitable organizations should be replaced by a new version to prevent ineligible organizations from obtaining exemption, according to a national network of nonprofits.

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Streamlined Nonprofit Application Needs Fixing, IRS Told

A form used to streamline the approval process for obtaining tax-exempt status should be recreated because it has failed to ensure that the IRS grants exempt status to only eligible organizations, the National Council of Nonprofits said in a...

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Who's minding the store on nonprofits?

The NTA report criticized the 1023-EZ’s “checkbox approach” that asks applicants to attest that they qualify for a tax exemption rather than having to demonstrate that they meet the requirements.

Tags: Form 1023-EZ, Tax Exemption

Some Charities Misuse IRS Short Registration Form, Chronicle Data Suggests

The findings point to "abnormalities," because it typically takes a long time for new nonprofits to establish themselves and grow, said Tim Delaney, president of the National Council of Nonprofits.

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Inadequate IRS funding will create shady nonprofits

A rational solution would have been to increase the workforce, shorten the wait time and continue the screen. Instead, in 2014, the feds created a new solution: the new form “1023EZ." For $400, the new entity, if it will have less than $50,000 in...

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IRS Improperly Granted Charity Status to EZ Filers

The shorter form may have helped reduce the IRS’s backlog of applications, but it has invited fraud, said Tim Delaney, president of the National Council of Nonprofits.

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For nonprofits, easiest not always best

A number of nonprofit advocate groups are deeply concerned about the new form.

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I.R.S. Shortcut to Tax-Exempt Status Is Under Fire

"In many communities, it takes more to get a library card than it takes to get this new exempt status," said Tim Delaney, president and chief executive of the National Council of Nonprofits, a network of charitable groups.

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