Grassley Promises EO Oversight If He Chairs Finance Committee

David L.

Tags: Elections, Oversight

Election Night Results and Followup

I was also interested to read this blog post from David Thompson, the VP...

Tags: Elections, Johnson Amendment, Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

Nonprofit Leaders Expecting Federal Gridlock

David Thompson, vice president of public policy at the National Council of Nonprofits, fully expects gridlock given the divided branches of government.

Tags: Midterm Elections, Elections, Federal Policy, State Policy, Tax Reform

How Nonprofits Operate Within Politics

“As it comes to election season, nonprofit organizations that serve a particular type of mission whether they’re serving communities that are impacted with poverty or homelessness or education they can support issues that impact that piece of...

Tags: Utah, Elections, Lobbying

Court Allows Public Disclosure Of Political Donors

“The decision was not a surprise yet the impact will be large because for the first time in decades, (c)(4)s will have to be disclosing their contributors,” said Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the ...

Tags: Elections, 501(c)(4)

Nonprofits should educate voters, not endorse candidates

Nonprofits should not be a tool for candidate endorsement or as a funnel for campaign funding for candidates at any level.

Tags: Oklahoma, Johnson Amendment, Elections

Nonprofits wonder, worry about Trump’s policies

“People are apprehensive, people are wondering what’s going to happen on a whole bunch of fronts,” said Jim Klocke, CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. “There’s an awful lot of concern out there.”

Tags: Massachusetts, Elections

National Council of Nonprofits Reflects on Election’s Impact on Charities

The National Council of Nonprofits is disseminating an analysis of the ways in which the 2016...

Tags: Elections

The Role and Future of Nonprofits

An interview with David L.

Tags: Elections, Nonprofit Impact

Lookout RI Endorsement Of Mattiello May Violate IRS Regulation

The National Council of Nonprofits summarizes the issue this way: "In return for its favored tax-status, a charitable...

Tags: Nonpartisan, Elections, Rhode Island
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