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Northeast Ohio nonprofit thrift stores squeezed as COVID costs pile up faster than donations

Roughly in line with Richard's calculations, John Habat, president and CEO of Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity,...

Tags: COVID-19, #Relief4Charities, Economic Impact

Nonprofits suffering financially during pandemic as donations, revenues drop

With so many organizations impacted by the pandemic, more than 4,000 nonprofits from 50 states have signed a petition calling on Congress to provide more support.

Tags: Economic Impact, COVID-19

Some Nonprofits Hail Paycheck Protection Program as a 'Savior'; Others See Layoffs Continue

Rick Cohen, chief operating officer at the National Council of Nonprofits, said in an email to the Chronicle of Philanthropy that he wasn't surprised that the Paycheck Protection Program was having such a disparate impact on nonprofits...

Tags: COVID-19, Economic Impact

Giving tree: NH nonprofits generate $11 billion a year

Tags: New Hampshire, Economic Impact, Nonprofit Impact

Reality Check: Alaska profits from nonprofits

For example, we all know oil and gas drives Alaska, but do you know what our second biggest economic driver is? Turns out it's Alaska's nonprofits.

Tags: Alaska, Economic Impact

The Social and Economic Impacts of Nonprofits Are Undeniable in the Upper Valley — But Is That a Good Thing?

Both New Hampshire and Vermont have larger-than-average nonprofit sectors.

Tags: New Hampshire, Vermont, Nonprofit Impact, Economic Impact

Report highlights economic contribution of Maine nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations contribute about $11 billion annually to the Maine economy and employ more than 95,000 state residents, according to a report issued Tuesday by the Maine Association of Nonprofits.

Tags: Economic Impact, Maine

New York Ranked First In Nonprofit Jobs

"We commend Comptroller DiNapoli for calling attention to the important role that the nonprofit sector plays in our state's economy," said Allison Sesso, executive director of Human Services Council of New York.

Tags: New York, Impact, Economic Impact

Nonprofit Organizations "backbone" of economy

In the report they refer to Nonprofits as Idaho's Secret Economic Engine.

Idaho charitable nonprofit organizations employ 54,305 people in Idaho. The 7,433 organizations have a total revenue of $5.06 billion.

Tags: Idaho, Economic Impact

List Leaders: Rankings shuffle as Portland's 10 largest nonprofits earn $1.1B

"Nonprofits in Oregon as a business class are a major economic force of employment," says Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

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