Nonprofits Seek Dedicated COVID Funding Stream

Leaders at the nation’s most influential nonprofits are pushing members of Congress to expand aid to the tax-exempt sector in any and all legislation that expands and builds on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

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How to help people who have the coronavirus, healthcare workers fighting the disease, people who have lost their jobs, businesses that have had to shut down, and more

This is a great way to offer direct support within your community, according to Tiffany Gourley Carter, policy counsel at the National Council of Nonprofits.

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4 Resources to Protect Your Business, Nonprofit, and Employees

2) Nonprofit Business Loans (PDF...

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Another Foundation Doubles its Grants Budget, Another Call for Philanthropy to Step Up

Even as this statement is released, of course, the National Council of Nonprofits is spearheading lobbying around stimulus provisions in government.

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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Nonprofits With Larger Staffs Fail To Qualify For Much-Needed Aid

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is pressing for congressional help, to ensure the next phase of assistance throws a badly-needed lifeline.

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Pandemic inspires formation of Wellfleet nonprofit group

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network CEO James Klocke said it’s not unusual for nonprofits to organize quickly when there is a great need.

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The $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill encourages Americans to donate to charity

Nonprofit leaders had wanted the stimulus bill to allow taxpayers to deduct up to $2,000 in charitable contributions, and had wanted taxpayers to be able to claim the deductions on this year’s taxes, but the bill didn’t include those requests.

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Coronavirus Package Could Provide Aid To Montana Nonprofits

“We’re just now looking at the CARES Act and all the SBA stuff trying to understand what kind of relief is available to nonprofits,” says Montana Nonprofit Association Executive Director Liz Moore.

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Nonprofits Hit From Every Angle By COVID-19

The unique combination of an economic downfall along with restrictions and social distancing protocols the country is experiencing to slow the spread of COVID-19 is creating a snowball effect, devastating nonprofits according to National Council...

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Nonprofits Struggle to Survive as Revenue Plummets Amid Coronavirus

Fundraisers are being postponed or canceled. Donations have fallen as much as 75%. Businesses and events that nonprofits operate to earn money, ranging from opera performances to autism therapy centers, have been shuttered.

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