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US companies flood civil rights groups with donations

Rick Cohen, chief operating officer of the National Council of Nonprofits, said charitable groups had been “hit from all angles”, with fundraisers cancelled and gifts drying up as unemployment leapt. 

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Opening to Expand Charitable Giving Perk May Be Next Relief Bill

Calls are building for an expanded charitable giving deduction, which mean individuals could claim the perk regardless of whether they itemize their taxes.

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Tax refund donation program may boost state' nonprofits

Coloradans have a generous spirit. We want to contribute in our own way to causes and nonprofits that are important to us.

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Early data shows charitable giving dipped slightly under Trump tax law

But stakeholders in the nonprofit sector expressed concerns, saying that Treasury's data is in line with other studies that have shown that Trump's tax law had a negative effect on charitable giving.

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AZ State Lawmakers Hoping More Taxpayers Consider Charitable Donations

Of note is the provision that took the standard deduction for single filers from $6,500 to the current $12,200; for couples filing jointly the change went form $13,000 to $24,400 now.

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Taxpayers can now pick the charity of their choice for state refund donations

Tax season is around the corner, and Coloradans now have a new option on a state tax form that allows them to choose to donate their income tax refund to a charity of their choice. 

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Strategies to make charitable giving fun and meaningful

Once you’ve decided what you’re passionate about, think about what nonprofit organizations are working on those issues.

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Nevada Named One Of The Least Charitable States

A new WalletHub ranking looked at where the most generous Americas live– and you needed to look far down the list to find Nevada.

We’re 46th on the list.

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New state tax law, changes to nonprofit giving

"The big change this year, is that people who are using the standard deduction on their state income taxes can also get a tax benefit for the money they donate to local nonprofits," said Kate Jensen, the CEO of the Ronald McDonald House Charities...

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Charities’ share of donations on the rise

Rick Cohen, chief operating officer for the National Council of Nonprofits in Washington, D.C., said there are a couple of things in play here.

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