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Editorial: A boost for local nonprofits

A website post at the National Council of Nonprofits concurred, saying, “Representative...

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Nonprofits Anticipate Loss Over GOP's Tax Plan

Now, according to the National Council of Nonprofits, the House GOP's proposed tax plan would discourage people from giving.

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Charitable Nonprofits, Foundations Agree: It’s Time to Vote No on the House Tax Bill

The Council on Foundations and the National Council of Nonprofits stand united in opposing H.R.

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GOP Tax Plan Could Hurt Donations To Austin Nonprofits

Both the U.S. House and Senate are proposing tax overhauls, and both plans include the doubling of the standard deduction – but there is a tradeoff.

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Minnesota nonprofits work to amend federal tax bill

Individuals can also choose to itemize their deductions, such as donations to nonprofits. But since the tax bill doubles the standard deduction, it is unlikely the total amount will result in less income tax than the standard. 

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GOP tax plan could cut billions in charitable donations

"Many of these groups that were hard-hit that didn’t receive funding — many of them still haven’t received funding,” said Anita Banerji, director of public policy for Forefront, a statewide membership association for nonprofits and foundations....

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Proposed Tax Overhaul Catches Attention From Local Charities

Watch this story at

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Republican tax plan threatens to slash charitable giving

But Rick Cohen, spokesman for the National Council of Nonprofits, which represents charities, said Republican claims that the bill left the charitable deduction unchanged were misleading, given the obvious knock-on effects of other reforms around...

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GOP Tax Bill Could Wallop Charitable Donations

Tim Delaney of the National Council of Nonprofits said this was a particularly worrisome development given the possibility that Congress may also cut social spending, placing a higher burden on charities just as donations lose some of their...

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New tax reform bill could seriously screw nonprofits and the people we serve

I don’t think anyone is recommending we oppose the increase of the standard deduction.

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