Arizona nonprofits brace for federal tax changes

The standard deduction for a married couple almost doubled from $12,700 to $24,000. This means less people will be itemizing, opting to take the standard deduction instead.

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Season for Sharing: Will tax reform affect how Arizonans donate to charities?

"These donors know about tax reform in the abstract but have not fully considered how the increased standard deduction affects them," Fidelity said.

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Season for Sharing: How the new tax law could mean a drop in charitable donations

The new laws could begin to affect non-profits as early as this fall, said Kristen Merrifield, CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits.

Tags: Arizona, Charitable Giving, Tax Reform

Membership Hack: A Two-for-New Deal

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits offers member prospects an incentive to join with two free webinars, which provide practical value.

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Viewpoints: Prop. 206 is a double-edged sword for non-profits

As champions for our strong and vital non-profit sector, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and its members believe every individual deserves to make a living wage.

Tags: Arizona, Minimum Wage

Arizona Gives Day helps local nonprofits

Each individual donation in 2015 averaged $86, according to Kristen Merrifield, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits CEO, which manages Gives Day.

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Arizona Department of Gaming letter almost cost nonprofits millions of dollars in 2015

Once the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits sent out a poll to its members to see how they were taking the issue, the response reflected an overwhelming desperation for a solution, and that it was "extremely concerning."

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Charity check-in: Outlook only modestly better for Arizona charities

"The non-profit sector has taken longer to rebound from the economic downturn than the for-profit sector," said Kristen Merrifield,chief executive officer of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits.

Tags: Arizona, Economy

Giving and Leading: Nonprofit Employment

We’ll take a look at how non-profits impact the employment sector.

Tags: Arizona, Employment, Economic Impact

After slow recovery, nonprofits see donations climb back

Kristen Wilson, CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, said, "While we are making progress, nonprofits in Arizona still struggle with engaging wealthy individuals," she said.

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