Nonprofits Applaud Senate for Passage of Spending Bill Without anti-Johnson Amendment Rider

Washington, DC - Commenting on the bi-partisan passage in the Senate of H.R. 6147, the four-bill “mini-bus” without a harmful anti-Johnson Amendment rider, National Council of Nonprofits President and CEO Tim Delaney said the following:

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Nonprofit, Foundation Leaders Oppose Ban of Amendments to Remove anti-Johnson Amendment Rider from Appropriations Bill


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Congress Averts a Government Shutdown, Approves Funding Through September

The Senate followed the House in passing a $1.1 trillion appropriations bill that folded a year’s worth of legislating into one 1,600 page document.

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Regular Order Returning to Congress, for Now

Congress faces yet another deadline (January 15) to approve $1.012 trillion in appropriations for the federal government before temporary spending authority expires, but this deadline is different because Congress is focused on where to spend the...

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