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Lamont is guarding reserves for recession to come. Critics say he’s prioritizing austerity over COVID response

Gian-Carl Casa, president and CEO of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, said the two forms of assistance aren’t remotely related.

Tags: Connecticut, COVID-19, State Budgets

State faces ‘sobering’ budget holes from coronavirus

In response, Gian-Carl Casa, president and CEO of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, warned that many of the dozens of member organization have suffered serious financial setbacks in the pandemic and warned that reductions in state support next...

Tags: Connecticut, State Budgets, COVID-19

Nonprofits adjust to austere reality

Gian-Carl Casa, president and chief executive officer of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, said the current budget, which lawmakers crafted during a contentious year that finally eliminated a $5 billion deficit, culminates a decade of...

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Voluntary Generosity Is Not Enough

Since the founding of our country nonprofits have been a key partner to government as a mechanism for carrying out government responsibilities and obligations in a more efficient, community-centric way.

Tags: Montana, Government-Nonprofit Contracting, State Budgets

Less optimism for nonprofits

And in Oklahoma, we are gearing up for another legislative session that will most likely be challenging as we attempt to erase budget gaps and find sources of revenue.

Tags: Oklahoma, Tax Reform, Johnson Amendment, State Budgets

Malloy would reduce, dramatically redistribute school aid in October

Gian-Carl Casa, president and CEO of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, said the social services safety net has been under-funded for more than a decade, “causing layoffs and directly impacting people with developmental disabilities, mental...

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Nonprofits In Connecticut Say They'll Close Facilities As Budget Impasse Continues

“Nonprofits right now are struggling to figure out exactly what they’re going to be paid for, what services they’re going to be able to provide,” said Gian-Carl Casa, of the Connecticut Nonprofit Alliance.

Tags: Connecticut, State Budgets

Malloy would cut local aid deeply to offset eroding CT tax receipts

“Connecticut is indeed facing massive fiscal difficulties, but the budget released today will leave some people without essential care,” said Gian-Carl Casa, president of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, the state’s largest coalition of...

Tags: State Budgets

Nonprofits finding common ground amid budget uncertainty

Kate Rubalcava, chief executive officer of the Utah Nonprofits Association, said her organization is encouraging directors statewide to advocate for their cause, suggesting they work regularly with government representatives to explain how their...

Tags: Utah, State Budgets

State budget cuts to nonprofits, capital projects loom

Sheila Bravo, president and chief executive officer of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, which represents 300 organizations, said many nonprofit groups that receive state funds have been aware for some time that there could be cuts...

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