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Property tax debate: What is a charity?

Over the past two years, the Michigan Nonprofit Association has heard from many of its members that their tax-exempt status has been challenged, said President and CEO Donna Murray-Brown...

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Senate finance committee passes bill on charitable nonprofits' property taxes

Charitable nonprofits fill gaps and relieve local and state government by providing food, health care, job training and other critical services to close gaps in services in communities,...

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Ridgewood joins others in seeking to tax non-profit hospitals

"The whole country is watching New Jersey in this area," said David Thompson, vice president of the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: New Jersey, Property Taxes, Hospitals

Are You Watching the Court Rulings on Property Tax Exemptions? Maybe You Should

In June, the Tax Court of New Jersey ruled that, with only narrow exceptions, Morristown Medical Center is ...

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Nonprofit tax break proposal in Pennsylvania divisive

The uncertainty stems from what the amendment would not do. It would not change the definitions of purely public charities, nor the criteria set by the Legislature through the Institutions of Purely Public Charities Act 55 of 1997.

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Governor LePage holds third budget town hall

It has been two months since the Governor unveiled his proposed budget, and people have had time to crunch the numbers.

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Maine Effort to Tax Nonprofits Raises Eyebrows Across the US

The Republican's contentious proposal has sparked a fiery debate in Maine over what impact nonprofits have on their communities and whether they should have to shoulder the costs for municipal services they consume.

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New Jersey Town Cites College's $219,000 Table as Burden

Even as the U.S.

Tags: Property Taxes, New Jersey

Maine Proposal to Impose Property Tax on Nonprofits Sparks National Debate

One major reason that nonprofits are exempt from tax is due to the beneficial impact of their work on local communities. “Property tax is a benefits linked tax and the exemption is provided to pay for services,” said Walczak.

Tags: Maine, Property Taxes

Aument's bill giving lawmakers power to decide tax-exempt status gets a hearing

David Thompson, vice president of public policy for the National Council of Nonprofits, testified that the heart of the debate has more to do with financially-distressed municipalities facing shrinking revenues than it does with who gets tax-...

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