‘We’re talking life and death stuff here’: Labor shortages hit Oregon nonprofits

“Workforce shortages at other areas mean an inconvenience,” said David Thompson. “At non-profits, it means a crisis.”

Thompson is the Vice President of Public Policy with the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: Workforce Shortage, Oregon

Nonprofits at “Breaking Point”

The study was produced by the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Portland State University’s Nonprofit Institute, Mercy Corps Northwest and Oregon Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters.

Tags: Oregon, COVID-19

Tax Change Transforms Charitable Giving Landscape

“We are hearing from a lot of nonprofits that donors are bunching gifts through a donor-advised fund, where they can get the tax benefit while contributing,” says Jim White, executive director of the ...

Tags: Oregon, Charitable Giving, Tax Reform

For-profit giving normalized as crowdfunding matures

But some nonprofits lag behind for-profit crowdfunding campaigns as consumers give more to businesses and individual causes, no matter how outlandish.

Tags: Oregon, Crowdfunding, Fundraising

Nonprofits prep for potential drop in charitable giving

Nonprofit directors are scratching their heads over provisions in the Republican tax reform package that could lead to a drop in charitable giving.

Tags: Oregon, Charitable Giving

Oregon nonprofits fear tax bill could hurt donations

Additionally, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon fears a decline in charitable giving could negatively impact the overall economy.  Nonprofits employ more than 183,000 people in the state of Oregon, according to the NAO.

Tags: Charitable Giving, Tax Reform, Oregon

New overtime rules could hit nonprofits hard

There are more than 17,000 nonprofit organizations in Oregon. A vast majority of those have no paid staff. But between those that do, there are about 172,000 employees, said Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Tags: Oregon, Overtime, Minimum Wage

List Leaders: Rankings shuffle as Portland's 10 largest nonprofits earn $1.1B

"Nonprofits in Oregon as a business class are a major economic force of employment," says Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Tags: Oregon, Economic Impact

Largest nonprofits generate millions in revenue

“While the name ‘nonprofit’ implies that there cannot be profit, this is not at all true,” according to Alexis Millett, the rural programs and helpline manager for the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Tags: Oregon, Economic Impact

Governors Declaring Policy Priorities for 2015

Legislatures in more than 40 states have convened in recent weeks, and governors are taking the opportunity to set their agendas through inaugural addresses and annual State of the State/Commonwealth speeches.

Tags: Economic Development, Education, Income Inequality, Alaska, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


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