Streamlined Nonprofit Application Needs Fixing, IRS Told

A form used to streamline the approval process for obtaining tax-exempt status should be recreated because it has failed to ensure that the IRS grants exempt status to only eligible organizations, the National Council of Nonprofits said in a...

Tags: IRS, Tax Exemption, Form 1023-EZ

IRS Dumps Schedule B For Associations, Others NPOs

“The great concern is the combination of an effort to prevent the IRS to make it harder to find who’s funding whom.

Tags: IRS, Reporting Requirements, Johnson Amendment

Nonprofits Seek Delay in New UBIT Rules’ Implementation

Nonprofit representatives have asked the IRS and Treasury to delay implementing new unrelated business income tax rules until after guidance is published.

Tags: UBIT, Tax Reform, IRS

Fallout from allegations of tea party targeting hamper IRS oversight of nonprofits

Tim Delaney, president and chief executive of the National Council of Nonprofits, said his 25,000 members rely on federal regulators to look out for abusive...

Tags: IRS, Oversight

A Chance of a Lifetime

The public outcry was overwhelming from both sides of the aisle.

Tags: IRS, Gift Substantiation

IRS Withdraws Proposed Rule on Social Security Numbers

"This is a prime example of the power of nonprofit advocacy and what can be achieved when charitable nonprofits speak up to protect the public, our missions, and the communities we serve," said Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National...

Tags: IRS, Gift Substantiation

IRS Scraps Plan to Collect Donor Data From Nonprofits

Tim Delaney, head of the National Council of Nonprofits, which had inveighed against the proposal, said his organization was happy that the system had worked.

Tags: IRS, Gift Substantiation

IRS Improperly Granted Charity Status to EZ Filers

The shorter form may have helped reduce the IRS’s backlog of applications, but it has invited fraud, said Tim Delaney, president of the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: IRS, Form 1023-EZ, Tax Exemption

IRS Withdraws Proposal That Would Collect Donors’ Social Security Numbers

In December, we reported on the “dangerous” proposition, explaining this rule would require the charity to collect donors’ names,...

Tags: IRS, Gift Substantiation

IRS Drops Proposed Charity Regulations After Identity Theft Risk Outcry

The number of comments exploded to 38,000 by the Dec.

Tags: IRS, Gift Substantiation


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