Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

Court Orders Massachusetts to Update Rates Paid to Nonprofits

Massachusetts must update the rates paid to nonprofits for human services provided on behalf of the Commonwealth, a state judge has ordered.

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Judge orders state to update human service provider rates

The new Baker administration has been ordered by a Superior Court judge to fully implement within the next 90 days a 2008 law aimed at updating rates paid to human service providers after a coalition sued Gov.

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The Word for Today is “Overhead”: OMB Uniform Guidance Takes Effect

The OMB Uniform Guidance, the new rules for nonprofits that...

Tags: OMB Uniform Guidance, Overhead, Indirect Costs, Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

National Council of Nonprofits Statement on OMB Uniform Guidance Interim Final Rules

The interim final rules published today implementing the OMB Uniform Guidance represent the federal government’s official recognition that all governments entering into written agreements with...

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Nonprofits Can't Fix Paul Ryan's Poverty Plan

“Governments are offloading their responsibilities, expecting nonprofits to fill the void,” said Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of NonProfits, the country’s largest network of nonprofit groups.

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform, Tax Reform

Government Doesn’t Pay

“Government-nonprofit contracting problems first documented in the Urban Institute’s 2010 landmark study were not an anomaly of the Great Recession,” according to the National Council of Nonprofits, which recently released its own data proposing...

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

Nonprofits concerned, confused over Anne Arundel grant rule

David L. Thompson, vice president of public policy at the National Council of Nonprofits, called the three-year stipulation unusual, particularly if the group provides services the government does not.

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

Government-Nonprofit Contracting Challenges Documented and Solutions Proposed in New Reports

Significant shortcomings in government-nonprofit contracting practices persist, but common sense solutions to the problems are ready for implementation, according to new reports released today by the Urban Institute and the National Council of...

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Nonprofits Cite Headaches in Government Contract Work

State governments owed each nonprofit about $200,000 on average, the federal government owed $109,000, and local governments $85,000, the survey found.

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

Using Data to Drive Solutions to Government-Nonprofit Contracting Challenges (Part 2)

Faced with overwhelming data from NFF and others that government-nonprofit contracting systems are creating costly and unnecessary challenges throughout the country, a number of ...

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