Year-end charitable giving tips

Scammers prey on do-gooders this time of year. Be leery of any calls or emails you get from an organization with a name that sounds familiar, but isn’t quite what you recognize.

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Holiday season invites charity scams in Las Vegas

There is no data available on the number of fraudulent nonprofit organizations at work, but they’re likely to increase their activity around this time of the year, said Rick Cohen, chief communications officer for the...

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Charities brace for fallout from tax law

Sheila Bravo, president and chief executive officer of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, said it may take her organization two or three years until it can get a sense of the implications from tax law changes.

Tags: Delaware, Giving, Tax Reform

Fundraising office catching up on writing thank you notes to donors

Rick Cohen, the chief operating officer and chief communication of the network of nonprofits National Council of Nonprofits, said sending thank you notes after a year or more calls attention to the lateness of the appreciation.

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At these companies, corporate giving isn’t just about writing a big check

According to Jeanne Tedrow, President and CEO of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, most of the companies in the Triangle help serve the community in one way or another.

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Giving Thought: Tax law could impact charitable giving

"It's estimated that as few as 5 percent of taxpayers nationwide will continue to itemize their deductions," says Renny Fagan, president and CEO of the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

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Season for Sharing: Will tax reform affect how Arizonans donate to charities?

"These donors know about tax reform in the abstract but have not fully considered how the increased standard deduction affects them," Fidelity said.

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While giving thanks, also give your time, money and voice

“If you care enough to invest your money in an organization, then investing your voice can magnify that impact with policymakers,” says David Heinen, vice president for public policy and advocacy with the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

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Giving likely to be up, but nervousness persists

In Oklahoma, our nonprofits – in the face of great economic challenges both with our energy sector and state budget – remain mostly optimistic.

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Post-Election Donations Up 300 Percent at Planned Parenthood of MN, ND, SD

Jon Pratt, executive director of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, said, generally speaking, donations to various groups do tend to spike after big national events, especially tragedies. But this, he said, is different.

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