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Coalition of Nonprofits Calls for Restoration of Expired Tax Relief Provisions to Enable Nonprofit Disaster Response

Several leading national nonprofit organizations are calling on Congress and the President to immediately provide the tools charitable nonprofits need to provide relief to millions of people across the country impacted by devastating natural...

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Tags: #Relief4Charities, Charitable Giving Incentives, Employee Retention Tax Credit

Charities lobbying to restore expanded tax deduction for giving

Tags: #Relief4Charities, Universal Charitable Deduction, Charitable Giving Incentives

How Sen. Mike Lee intends to boost charitable giving amid coronavirus pandemic

Contributions to charities have dropped dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been devastating,” said Kate Rublacava, CEO of the Utah Nonprofits Association.

Tags: Utah, Charitable Giving Incentives

Debate over charitable deductions, cont'd

The poor score for the temporary above-the-line deduction fueled criticism that the provision not only won’t do much to boost philanthropy, but it also will be difficult to enforce.

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AZ State Lawmakers Hoping More Taxpayers Consider Charitable Donations

Of note is the provision that took the standard deduction for single filers from $6,500 to the current $12,200; for couples filing jointly the change went form $13,000 to $24,400 now.

Tags: Arizona, Charitable Giving Incentives, Charitable Giving

Nonprofits Identify Need for Disaster Relief Tax Package

“We are eagerly awaiting the release of the Senate Finance Committee Disaster Tax Relief Task Force report on how tax law can be improved to help people when natural disasters like Dorian hit,” Thompson told Tax Notes September 10.

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As tax law closes charitable deduction, NJ looks to corporate citizens for help

“The charitable deduction is only available to taxpayers who itemize and because the standard deduction has been raised, fewer taxpayers will be able to take advantage of itemizing and fewer taxpayers will be able to take charitable deductions,”...

Tags: New Jersey, Tax Reform, Charitable Giving Incentives

Lame-duck bills seek to restore Michigan's charitable tax credit for some nonprofits

Providing an incentive for giving to nonprofit endowments at community foundations supports the financial sustainability of charities and helps support organizations providing food and shelter, said Michigan Nonprofit Association CEO Donna Murray...

Tags: Michigan, Taxes, Charitable Giving Incentives

Kean Jr. Pushes for NJ Tax Write-Off for Charitable Contributions

According to figures gathered by the Mercer County-based Center for Non-Profits, the stakes may be very high for charitable organizations in the Garden State.

Tags: New Jersey, Tax Reform, Charitable Giving Incentives

Republican tax plan threatens to slash charitable giving

But Rick Cohen, spokesman for the National Council of Nonprofits, which represents charities, said Republican claims that the bill left the charitable deduction unchanged were misleading, given the obvious knock-on effects of other reforms around...

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