'We have a responsibility': Whitmer encourages accurate Michigan census

"About $1,800 per person per year for 10 years for every person that's not counted -- that's a lot of resources," said Donna Murray-Brown from the Michigan Nonprofit Association.

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As 2020 census nears, groups work to ensure accurate numbers in hard-to-count Alaska

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Nonprofits, coalitions prepare a year ahead of 2020 U.S census

That's why they're raising awareness with the new coalition “Count Me IN Oklahoma.”

That money will also help fund programs like:

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Mass. Nonprofits Unite To Counter Census Fears

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network estimates Massachusetts receives more than $16 billion in federal funding solely on the basis of census data.

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Filling out your census costs you time. Not filling it out costs Michigan millions

The Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) estimates the state draws one of the highest amounts of federal dollars from the national government in the country.

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Making sure immigrants are counted in the 2020 Census

But undercounts happened among young children, low-income people, the homeless, people of color, immigrants and undocumented people, said Donna Murray-Brown, president and CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association.

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Minnesota groups prep for challenging 2020 census

Outside of government, private organizations such as the Minnesota Council on Foundations and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits are organizing under the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership.

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New York funders gear up for 2020 census challenges

In a statement before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Tim Delaney, president of...

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How to Break a Census

Both the addition of a citizenship question on the Census and exclusion of non-citizens from the population count run the risk of a severe undercount, more anti-discriminatory legislation, and less funding for programs based on population counts...

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There’s a Lot at Stake for Michigan in the Upcoming Census

He says language barriers and confusion about the purpose of the census make it difficult to fully count immigrant communities.

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