News of BP’s departure sends shock waves through Alaska nonprofit world

It’s not just corporate donations, nonprofit leaders say. BP employees are known for donating thousands of hours and dollars to nonprofits, said Laurie Wolf of the Foraker Group.

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Experts in charitable giving say donations from Alaskans can’t make up funding losses caused by vetoes

Charitable giving in Alaska is influenced by unique factors that limit how much money can be raised and how fast, said Laurie Wolf, who heads up The Foraker Group, which works with nonprofits across the state.

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Even ‘right-leaning’ groups, bankers and builders are calling for an override

Diane Kaplan, CEO and President for the Rasmuson Foundation, and Laurie Wolf, President and CEO of the Foraker Group, each called in to say that the vetoes would undermine their efforts as nonprofits.

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Nonprofits worry about sustainability with state budget cuts

Laurie Wolf, the president and CEO of the Foraker Group — a company that works to strengthen nonprofits — said it's likely some will have to close their doors.

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As 2020 census nears, groups work to ensure accurate numbers in hard-to-count Alaska

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Not-for-Profit, For-the-Economy

According to Alaska Nonprofit Sector: Generating Economic Impact, the fourth iteration of the report and published in January 2018, 44,100 people were directly employed by nonprofit organizations in 2015—and counting indirect and induced...

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There’s no such thing as a nonprofit

In both examples, it doesn’t matter if the organization offering the service is for profit or not. The non-monetary profit is shared by members of the community. We can simply that three pronged term by referring all value gained as profit.

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Reality Check: Alaska profits from nonprofits

For example, we all know oil and gas drives Alaska, but do you know what our second biggest economic driver is? Turns out it's Alaska's nonprofits.

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Bethel Residents Discuss Growing Concerns Over 2020 Census

"Something in the neighborhood of $3 billion comes into the state, and that number is primarily dependent on what we know from the census," said Mike Walsh, the Director of Public Policy at the non-profit consulting company, The Foraker Group.

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City Working Out Changes To Sales Tax Code Enforcement

Among the others who echoed DeWitt's concerns were Eileen Arnold with the Tundra Women’s Coalition, Buck Bukowski of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Mike Walsh of The Foraker Group.

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