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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Nonprofits With Larger Staffs Fail To Qualify For Much-Needed Aid

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is pressing for congressional help, to ensure the next phase of assistance throws a badly-needed lifeline.

Tags: Minnesota, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Pandemic inspires formation of Wellfleet nonprofit group

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network CEO James Klocke said it’s not unusual for nonprofits to organize quickly when there is a great need.

Tags: Massachusetts, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Coronavirus Package Could Provide Aid To Montana Nonprofits

“We’re just now looking at the CARES Act and all the SBA stuff trying to understand what kind of relief is available to nonprofits,” says Montana Nonprofit Association Executive Director Liz Moore.

Tags: Montana, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Nonprofits try to maintain services amid high demand, limited resources

As the number of coronavirus cases in Maine increases, nonprofits are trying to balance social distancing with social services.

Tags: Maine, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Coronavirus Hits Massachusetts Nonprofits Hard During Fundraising Season

“In the past couple of days, the number of cancellations have skyrocketed,” said Jim Klocke, the head of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN).

Tags: Massachusetts, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Fundraising

Tax refund donation program may boost state' nonprofits

Coloradans have a generous spirit. We want to contribute in our own way to causes and nonprofits that are important to us.

Tags: Colorado, Charitable Giving, Tax Refunds

So much is at stake as Detroit’s census approaches

Census forms will begin reaching mailboxes on March 12. Since nonprofits handle populations most in need, they're taking charge to ensure Michigan doesn't miss out on much-needed money.

Tags: Michigan, Census

Switch from BP’s corporate giving model to Hilcorp’s employee contributions could be ‘a bucket of cold water’ for nonprofits

Over its 60 years in the state, BP has grown into a major philanthropic force, said Laurie Wolf, president and chief executive of The Foraker Group, an Anchorage-based organization that works with and advises nonprofits.

Tags: Alaska, Corporate Giving

After ousting CEO, Goodwill Omaha paid him another $610,000 in court settlement

Anne Hindery, CEO of the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands in Omaha, said that severance agreements are not unusual for CEOs in the corporate world and that large national-scale nonprofits at times provide them, too.

Tags: Nebraska, Best Practices, Executive Compensation

Nonprofits say state funding boost would save taxpayers money

The CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, a group of about 600 organizations across the state that rely on government funding, has said its agencies are collectively $462 million in the hole every year due to stagnant state funding and inflationary...

Tags: Connecticut, State Budget


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