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Stakes for Nonprofits Are High as States and Localities Confront Fiscal Cliff

In the Times, Tim Delaney, president of the National Council on Nonprofits, reminds Kulish that nonprofits roughly get half of their revenues from earned income...

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting, New York, COVID-19

New York organizations: Executive Order could withhold funding indefinitely for non-profits

The state sets forth timelines for when contracts and payments must be given to non-profits. Executive Order 202...

Tags: New York, Government-Nonprofit Contracting

Minnesota nonprofit job postings now include what's long been secret: Pay

Nonprofit pay has been rising in Minnesota, which has more than 9,000 nonprofits.

Tags: Minnesota, Jobs

State Will Limit Coronavirus Relief To Nonprofits

Gian Carl Casa, president and CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, said that for the organizations who received PPP loans, there were limits on what the funds could pay for.

Tags: Connecticut, COVID-19

About a third of all nonprofit workers in Minnesota have filed for unemployment during COVID-19

Minnesota’s 390,000 nonprofit workers make up 14% of the state’s workforce. But the 63,000 nonprofit workers who had their hours or jobs cut in April represented 19% of the state’s initial unemployment claims.

Tags: Minnesota, Nonprofit Impact, Unemployment, COVID-19

Nonprofit theaters see revenues evaporate as they wait for reopening guidance

The pandemic has hit pretty much all nonprofits in the state, but arts organizations are in a particularly precarious position, said Gian-Carl Casa, president and CEO of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance.

Tags: Arts, Connecticut, COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic plunges Tucson nonprofits into fiscal quagmire

According to a June 11 survey of 488 respondents from the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, fundraising and program cancellations due to COVID-19 have cost Arizona nonprofits nearly $53 million in lost revenue.

Tags: Arizona, COVID-19

Colorado nonprofits struggle to stay afloat as pandemic captures funders’ attention, dollars

The picture of the economic toll on Colorado’s nonprofits should become more clear as the year goes on, said Renny Fagan, president and CEO of the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

Tags: Colorado, COVID-19

Nonprofits face toxic combo: rising demand, falling revenue

Massachusetts nonprofits reported losing more than $8.6 billion in revenues because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than half said in a recent survey that they’ve made reductions to their workforce.

Tags: Massachusetts, COVID-19

Nonprofit sector faces long and difficult recovery process

According to a recent survey from the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, fundraising and program cancellations as a result of COVID-19 have cost Arizona nonprofits an estimated $53 million in lost revenue (as of June 11).

Tags: Arizona, COVID-19


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