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Planning for the inevitable: Nonprofits and the coming wave of leadership retirements

While it is hard to know for certain whether we are seeing the start of that wave, or the crest, there are clear signs that the retirement of nonprofit leaders has become a front and center issue for nonprofit boards.

Tags: Maine, Leadership

Charity Inc.: Advocacy for nonprofits

Nonprofits, like everyone else, are susceptible to any changes in the economy. Unfortunately, nonprofits are sometimes disproportionately affected by those changes, and any small downturn could cause headaches for years to come.

Tags: Advocacy, Oklahoma

Taxing nonprofits is a lose-lose situation

On Friday, House Bill 569 will be heard before the House Ways and Means Committee and, if passed, will result in a loss in revenue for the state, a loss in revenue for charitable organizations, and, most importantly, a loss for people and...

Tags: New Hampshire, Tax Exemption

Foraker advocates shift for nonprofits amid federal funding fall

A nonprofit consulting group is encouraging other Alaska nonprofits to take a cue from falling oil prices and government funding.

Tags: Alaska, Economy

Maine Nonprofits: Gov's Plan to Impose Taxes Will Lead to Job Losses

"There's a ripple effect out of non-profit employment and that's the challenge with this particular proposal," says Scott Schnapp, executive director of the Maine Association of Nonprofits.

Tags: Maine, Property Taxes

Nonprofits growing faster in California than other states

Last fall, the California Association of Nonprofits released a report detailing the economic impact of community-based organizations across the state.

Tags: California, Economic Impact

Business leaders: Corporate citizenship essential

Mary Ellen Jackson, executive director of the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits, said she wanted to see greater collaboration between Granite State companies and nonprofit organizations.

Tags: New Hampshire, Business

Judge orders state to update human service provider rates

The new Baker administration has been ordered by a Superior Court judge to fully implement within the next 90 days a 2008 law aimed at updating rates paid to human service providers after a coalition sued Gov.

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform, Massachusetts

Founder of The Foraker Group to step down

One of the founders of The Foraker Group, an Alaska nonprofit that works with and advises other nonprofits, will step down from his role as president and chief executive officer, according to a Friday announcement from the company.

Tags: Alaska, Leadership

Nonprofits meet amid worries they'll lose sales tax refund

The potential legislative removal of the nonprofit sales tax refund will likely be a top concern at the meeting organized by WNC Nonprofit Pathways, a collaboration of funders investing in area organizations to increase their impact.

Tags: North Carolina, Sales Tax


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