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Idaho Gives: Donations top $1 million, set new record

Nonprofit organizations from across the Valley came up with a slew of clever ways to inspire donors to open their pocket books on Thursday, the third annual Idaho Gives.

Tags: Idaho, Giving Days

Massachusetts settles lawsuit over rates for human service providers

"I think this settlement will be widely heralded by our provider community as an important victory not only for the community-based organizations that will be affected by it, but more importantly for the clients and the consumers who will...

Tags: Massachusetts, Human Services

Lawmakers debate over who should decide nonprofit status

But some nonprofits say the current rules aren’t consistent. Courts can rule one organization meets the requirements for nonprofit status, while ruling a similar organization in a different municipality does not meet the requirements.

Tags: Pennsylvania, Tax Exemption

Would You Swap Jobs For Your Professional Development?

Like field trips, exchange programs provide valuable opportunities to learn new things, explore new places, and meet new people. And, also like field trips, exchange programs do not have to be relegated to your school days.

Tags: DC, Washington DC, Minnesota, Professional Development

Green energy group to target small nonprofits

Tish Mogan, standards for excellence director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, said a number of aspects could discourage an executive director or board of directors from investing in an efficiency retrofit.

Tags: Pennsylvania, Environment

LePage values nonprofits, then says they’re takers

The information the governor is delivering throughout the state is inconsistent with his budget proposal.

Tags: Maine, State Tax Issues, Tax Exemption

Panel discusses how to increase impact of nonprofits

"By freeing up resources as a result of mergers and shared back office costs, we can gain administration efficiencies and spend more money on our mission and spend more money on marketing, programs and longer-term strategy," Laura Schweitzer,...

Tags: New York, Impact, Mergers

Calif. Nonprofit Association Urges Charity Navigator to Make 2 Big Changes

The California Association of Nonprofits, taking advantage of a change of leadership at Charity Navigator, has sent a letter urging the...

Tags: California, Overhead

Nonprofits work to fill gaps in service

“These nonprofits make all the difference,” St. George Mayor Jon Pike said. “We cannot do it without them and without each other and without believing in whatever individual cause each organization has. That’s how we’ll make the ends meet.”

Tags: Utah, Government-Nonprofit Partnership

Utah nonprofits partner with government entities to boost shared values

Members of the Utah Nonprofits Association and Southern Utah nonprofits are hoping that a new partnership project will elevate their causes statewide.

Tags: Utah, Government-Nonprofit Partnership


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