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Connecticut nonprofits are in an abusive relationship… with the state

For almost a quarter of a century the state has depended on private nonprofit organizations to provide services to people with disabilities in Connecticut.

Tags: Connecticut, State Budgets

Governor LePage holds third budget town hall

It has been two months since the Governor unveiled his proposed budget, and people have had time to crunch the numbers.

Tags: Maine, Property Taxes

Report: Nonprofits aid state economy

Nonprofit organizations play an integral role in Alaska’s economy.

That was the message from Dennis McMillian, CEO of The Foraker Group, on Wednesday at the joint Kenai-Soldotna Chamber of Commerce luncheon held in Kenai.

Tags: Alaska, Economic Impact

Membership org. seeks input from local nonprofits

Several nonprofit organizations from Logan and Morgan counties gathered Tuesday afternoon at the Sterling Public Library to discuss their challenges and needs.

Tags: Colorado

Foraker CEO talks nonprofit numbers, impact

State budget cuts are a topic of concern throughout Alaska because of a big drop in oil tax revenue. McMillan said Foraker researchers predicted this drop in income several years ago, and sounded the alarm to the nonprofit sector.

Tags: Alaska

Law seeks to make getting government documents easier

“Information needs to be open and searchable so the public and lawmakers can see how budget and policy decisions affect specific groups of people,” said Heather Iliff, president and CEO of Maryland Nonprofits.

Tags: Maryland

Maine Proposal to Impose Property Tax on Nonprofits Sparks National Debate

One major reason that nonprofits are exempt from tax is due to the beneficial impact of their work on local communities. “Property tax is a benefits linked tax and the exemption is provided to pay for services,” said Walczak.

Tags: Maine, Property Taxes

Planning for the inevitable: Nonprofits and the coming wave of leadership retirements

While it is hard to know for certain whether we are seeing the start of that wave, or the crest, there are clear signs that the retirement of nonprofit leaders has become a front and center issue for nonprofit boards.

Tags: Maine, Leadership

Charity Inc.: Advocacy for nonprofits

Nonprofits, like everyone else, are susceptible to any changes in the economy. Unfortunately, nonprofits are sometimes disproportionately affected by those changes, and any small downturn could cause headaches for years to come.

Tags: Advocacy, Oklahoma

Taxing nonprofits is a lose-lose situation

On Friday, House Bill 569 will be heard before the House Ways and Means Committee and, if passed, will result in a loss in revenue for the state, a loss in revenue for charitable organizations, and, most importantly, a loss for people and...

Tags: New Hampshire, Tax Exemption


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