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LePage values nonprofits, then says they’re takers

The information the governor is delivering throughout the state is inconsistent with his budget proposal.

Tags: Maine, State Tax Issues, Tax Exemption

Panel discusses how to increase impact of nonprofits

"By freeing up resources as a result of mergers and shared back office costs, we can gain administration efficiencies and spend more money on our mission and spend more money on marketing, programs and longer-term strategy," Laura Schweitzer,...

Tags: New York, Impact, Mergers

Calif. Nonprofit Association Urges Charity Navigator to Make 2 Big Changes

The California Association of Nonprofits, taking advantage of a change of leadership at Charity Navigator, has sent a letter urging the...

Tags: California, Overhead

Nonprofits work to fill gaps in service

“These nonprofits make all the difference,” St. George Mayor Jon Pike said. “We cannot do it without them and without each other and without believing in whatever individual cause each organization has. That’s how we’ll make the ends meet.”

Tags: Utah, Government-Nonprofit Partnership

Utah nonprofits partner with government entities to boost shared values

Members of the Utah Nonprofits Association and Southern Utah nonprofits are hoping that a new partnership project will elevate their causes statewide.

Tags: Utah, Government-Nonprofit Partnership

Illinois’s Donors Forum Challenges SOI of State Budget Cuts

The Illinois Donors Forum, which serves as both the state’s nonprofit association and grantmakers association, is pursuing a different strategy than Connecticut’s with the issuance of three reports demonstrating the social value of state-...

Tags: Illinois, SOI, Impact, Economic Impact

Cap on Vermont tax deductions has nonprofits worried

Lauren-Glenn Davitian, executive director of an organization that provides training and services to other nonprofit groups, Common Good Vermont, told the senators that "even in this very dire budget year, you have to be very mindful of decisions...

Tags: Vermont, Charitable Giving Incentives

Human service providers, Baker administration still negotiating over rate reimbursement lawsuit

Gov. Charlie Baker's administration is continuing to negotiate with a coalition of social service providers to settle a lawsuit over reimbursement rates, even as both sides say they anticipate reaching an agreement.

Tags: Massachusetts

Massachusetts' human service industry grew by 48 percent since 2003, report finds

"Not only are we providing great social value, we're also providing economic value as well," said Michael Weekes, president and CEO of the Providers' Council.

Tags: Massachusetts, Economic Impact

Maruyama Shares Her Experience at HANO

Maruyama, who has been at HANO since September 2008, shared her most memorable experience with working at HANO.

Tags: Hawai`i


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