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Hidden Need: Nonprofits find fundraising challenges keeping up with poverty

Grand Forks nonprofit leaders who see their organizations as a kind of safety net for those in poverty say they often face financial challenges themselves.

Tags: North Dakota

Minimum Wage No Small Issue For Nonprofits

Unlike a big-name retailer or fast-food establishment that can absorb a wage increase by charging a few extra dollars for a cheeseburger, most nonprofits do not have such direct means of absorbing wage increases, said Doug Sauer, CEO of the New...

Tags: New York, Minimum Wage

Arizona Department of Gaming letter almost cost nonprofits millions of dollars in 2015

Once the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits sent out a poll to its members to see how they were taking the issue, the response reflected an overwhelming desperation for a solution, and that it was "extremely concerning."

Tags: Arizona

Tax-Exempt Hospitals Face Payments to Host Towns in New Jersey

“It’s not a stretch to say that every nonprofit that owns property should be looking at this,” Linda Czipo, executive director of the Center for Non-Profits, an organization based in Mercerville, New Jersey that advocates for the groups in...

Tags: New Jersey, Tax Exemption

End-of-Year Giving Remains Vital to NJ’s Nonprofits

“The holidays are traditionally a time of giving. People are thinking more generously, thinking of others, so it fits with the spirit of the season,” says Linda Czipo. “We’ve also got tax considerations.

Tags: New Jersey, Fundraising, donations

Counting on Donations: IRS Proposal Could Change How Charities Collect Info

David Heinen, vice president for public policy and advocacy with the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, says collecting personal information such as Social Security numbers could create a financial and temporal burden for organizations.

Tags: North Carolina, IRS, Gift Substantiation

Nonprofits assail IRS for charitable-giving rules

Nonprofit organizations and charities are sounding the alarm about a new regulatory proposal from the IRS that would encourage them to collect the Social Security numbers of their donors. 

Tags: IRS, Gift Substantiation, Utah

Some nonprofits bank on year-end generosity

The Montana Nonprofit Association has 600 members, which is about 10 percent of the nonprofits in the state, she said. And about 47,000 Montanans are employed by nonprofits, or 30,000 if you don’t count hospitals.

Tags: Montana, Giving

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, ExxonMobil and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation are leading a new kind of corporate philanthropy in the Capital Region

“We know that there are times when product line influences a company’s support of a particular cause,” says Kelly Pepper, president & CEO of the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, or LANO.

Tags: Louisiana, Philanthropy, Corporate

Hospital gets $5M - and priceless advice - for its expansion

Those who donate to non-profits – particularly younger donors - are increasingly interested in having some kind of hands-on role, said Linda Czipo, executive director of the Center for Non-Profits in Mercerville.

Tags: New Jersey


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