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Charity co-founded by Assemblyman Jim Frazier opposes his bill

Jan Masaoka, chief executive of the the California Association of Nonprofits, condemned the bill, saying it’s duplicative, unnecessarily burdensome and likens nonprofits to tobacco companies.

Tags: California

Ridgewood joins others in seeking to tax non-profit hospitals

"The whole country is watching New Jersey in this area," said David Thompson, vice president of the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: New Jersey, Property Taxes, Hospitals

List Leaders: Rankings shuffle as Portland's 10 largest nonprofits earn $1.1B

"Nonprofits in Oregon as a business class are a major economic force of employment," says Jim White, executive director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Tags: Oregon, Economic Impact

Events with Strong Brands See Big Benefits

For years, SCANPO (South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations) used a theme to promote the SCANPO Annual Conference. That theme didn’t necessarily have much to do with the topics discussed.

Tags: South Carolina, Branding

Point of View: Legislation has Oklahoma nonprofits under attack

House Bill 2250 would limit the way an animal rights charity could solicit funds for programs, functional expenses and advocacy out-of-state, or lobbying and advocacy efforts within the state.

Tags: Oklahoma

Arizona Gives Day helps local nonprofits

Each individual donation in 2015 averaged $86, according to Kristen Merrifield, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits CEO, which manages Gives Day.

Tags: Arizona, Giving Days

Empowering Women | Who are the state's most powerful women, according to the state's most powerful women?

Linda Czipo, executive director of the Center for Non-Profits: “She is the ‘uncontested voice’ of nonprofits in New Jersey,” a source said. “She is well known for her constant lobbying in Trenton for the community.”

Tags: New Jersey

Nonprofits Lobby Lawmakers, Governor For Funds

“The governor’s announcement of rescissions will close programs for some of the neediest individuals in our state, who have nowhere to turn,” Jeffrey Walter, interim CEO of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, said.

Tags: Connecticut, State Budgets

Nonprofit Head Concerned Animal Rights Fundraising Bill Could Hurt Other Charities

However, Marnie Taylor, the president and CEO of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, told The Journal Record’s ...

Tags: Oklahoma

Reinstating tax credits for charitable giving remains key for nonprofit sector in 2016

Joan Bowman of the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) agreed with the importance of reinstating the tax credits.

Tags: Michigan, State Tax Issues


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