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Nonprofit organizations need income generators

Using those methods is pretty common, said Tish Mogan, standards for excellence director at the Harrisburg-based Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

Tags: Pennsylvania, Revenue

NC’s nonprofits need succession plans

It was a textbook example of how to pass the reins at a nonprofit – and, according to a new study from the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, all too rare.

Tags: North Carolina, Succession Planning

Viewpoints: Prop. 206 is a double-edged sword for non-profits

As champions for our strong and vital non-profit sector, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and its members believe every individual deserves to make a living wage.

Tags: Arizona, Minimum Wage

Nonprofits wonder, worry about Trump’s policies

“People are apprehensive, people are wondering what’s going to happen on a whole bunch of fronts,” said Jim Klocke, CEO of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. “There’s an awful lot of concern out there.”

Tags: Massachusetts, Elections

Nonprofits scramble to adjust to new overtime requirement

“Pay tends to be a little bit lower than in the for-profit sector, so there are more employees who are below the new salary threshold,” explains David Heinen, vice president for public policy and...

Tags: North Carolina, Overtime

Nonprofit Organizations "backbone" of economy

In the report they refer to Nonprofits as Idaho's Secret Economic Engine.

Idaho charitable nonprofit organizations employ 54,305 people in Idaho. The 7,433 organizations have a total revenue of $5.06 billion.

Tags: Idaho, Economic Impact

Goodwill refocuses on mission as more high-paid executives depart, other sweeping changes occur

Tags: Nebraska, Compensation

Trump’s White House Victory Could Spell Money Woes for Charities

Nancy Berlin, policy director at the California Association of Nonprofits, said calls to roll back Obamacare worry her because the Golden State made huge investments to implement the law.

Tags: Election, Federal Issues

Bill Aims to Crack Down on Charities with High Overhead Costs

While some see DeLuca's bill as necessary step to protect donors, others worry about the potential trickledown effect.

Tags: Pennsylvania, Overhead

November marks start to season of giving in NH

“Many donors feel more charitable around the holiday seasons,” said Kathleen Reardon, chief executive of the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits. 

Tags: New Hampshire, Giving


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