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‘Anxiety and frustration.’ KY charities struggle as new tax hits fund-raising events.

Nonprofits around Kentucky are still trying to figure out exactly how the law applies to them, said Danielle Clore, executive director of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network. The new tax law was approved by the legislature in the spring.

Tags: Kentucky, Tax Exemption, Sales Tax

Massachusetts Senate includes safe injection sites in opioid bill

"Many of these are low-paid positions that require significant education and training, and this program helps to recruit and retain these highly qualified people in our sector," said Michael Weekes, president and CEO of the Providers' Council,...

Tags: Massachusetts, Human Services

Minnesota groups prep for challenging 2020 census

Outside of government, private organizations such as the Minnesota Council on Foundations and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits are organizing under the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership.

Tags: Minnesota, Census

'Nobody was expecting this': Many non-profits blindsided by new sales tax

“If I were involved with a nonprofit, I would communicate with my legislators,” Richards said. “I just think it’s wrong to charge a sales tax on nonprofits.”

Tags: Kentucky, Sales Tax

Grant-In-Aid could be fully restored to $46M, undoing last year's cuts

The Joint Finance Committee voted unanimously Tuesday to allocate nearly $46 million to the Grant-In-Aid bill — $4.2 million more than was recommended by Gov. John Carney.

Tags: Delaware, State Budget

There’s no such thing as a nonprofit

In both examples, it doesn’t matter if the organization offering the service is for profit or not. The non-monetary profit is shared by members of the community. We can simply that three pronged term by referring all value gained as profit.

Tags: Alaska, Local Impact

Michigan Supreme Court denies City of Dexter appeal of Wellness Center’s tax exemption

“Today’s decision and the previous ones by the COA and the Supreme Court in the Baruch case, demonstrate that Michigan courts understand the societal value that charitable nonprofits bring to their communities and the state,” says Joan Bowman,...

Tags: Michigan, Tax Exemption

Despite record giving in 2017, Michigan’s nonprofit leaders remain concerned

“That’s not necessarily the report that we’ve heard,” said Donna Murray-Brown, president and CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association. “I’d really like to dig a little bit deeper to see how Michigan fared.”

Tags: Michigan, Charitable Giving

To defend against ‘dark money,’ keep the Johnson Amendment

If the long-standing Johnson Amendment is repealed or weakened, there can be no doubt that savvy political donors would begin to misuse the nonprofit sector by making contributions to houses of worship and their auxiliaries for partisan political...

Tags: Washington, Johnson Amendment, Nonpartisanship

There’s a Lot at Stake for Michigan in the Upcoming Census

He says language barriers and confusion about the purpose of the census make it difficult to fully count immigrant communities.

Tags: Census, Michigan


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