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Nonprofits rarely have funds for tech updates. It's putting them at risk.

But funding for cybersecurity and IT upgrades is scarce, said Rick Cohen, COO and chief communications officer for the Washington, D.C.-based National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: Technology, Fundraising, Government-Nonprofit Contracting

For nonprofits, a voice in lobbying is often out of reach due to rules

Nonprofit New York, a group that represents hundreds of nonprofits in the downstate region, has compiled a policy brief that found national data indicates 3 percent of nonprofit organizations engage in lobbying — many dissuaded to engage in that...

Tags: New York, Lobbying, Advocacy

Worker Shortage Hits MT Nonprofit World Hard

The country has a worker shortage - and it's leading to hard times for nonprofits.

Tags: Montana, Workforce Shortage

Salary competition adds to staffing challenges for nonprofits

Kelley Kuhn, president and CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, noted that nonprofits’ operating funds have often declined during the pandemic. Some nonprofits have seen record years for fundraising, while others are continuing to struggle...

Tags: #Relief4Charities, Workforce Shortage, Michigan

Carney proposes record $4.9B budget

While grants-in-aid funding is up slightly over last year’s initial proposal, Sheila Bravo, president and CEO of the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, a state industry association for nonprofits, said she expected to lobby the...

Tags: Delaware, State Budget

Survey finds racial gaps in Detroit nonprofit leadership: What that means

Nonprofits operating in Detroit, a predominantly Black city, have racial gaps in leadership and those gaps likely lead to less access to capital, a first of its kind ...

Tags: Diversity, Michigan

Thousands of Kentuckians in need as staffing shortages extend to necessary nonprofits

"Nonprofits who contract with the state can not compete with fast food, they cannot compete with Walmart, they can not compete with Amazon or other employers who are offering significantly higher wages and often better benefits and again this...

Tags: Workforce Shortage, Kentucky

Pandemic has devastated Maryland’s minority-led nonprofits: ‘The stress and strain is unbearable, and it is untenable’

Tags: Maryland, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program

‘Our hearts won’t let us walk away’: Nonprofits still seek parity

Lerman recently joined a panel with California Association of Nonprofits (Calnonprofits) CEO Jan Masaoka, another nonprofit veteran, to address these historic...

Tags: California, Government-Nonprofit Contracting

A 2nd COVID holiday season is here: These are the challenges facing charities, nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is facing the same pressures as for-profit businesses when it comes to workforce, which is said to be the single biggest challenge as the region transitions back from the emergency state of the pandemic. 

Tags: New York, Workforce Shortage, #Relief4Charities


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