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Maine Effort to Tax Nonprofits Raises Eyebrows Across the US

The Republican's contentious proposal has sparked a fiery debate in Maine over what impact nonprofits have on their communities and whether they should have to shoulder the costs for municipal services they consume.

Tags: Property Taxes

Nonprofits Profit Maine; Just Ask Biddeford

Maine's nonprofits profit Maine. That's the takeaway from a biennial report on the status of the nonprofit sector in the Pine Tree State. 

Tags: Maine, Economic Impact

Maine Governor Proposes Taxes on Nonprofits

The Maine Governor’s budget plan calls for ending revenue sharing with municipalities and replacing those funds by allowing communities to tax the...

Tags: Property Taxes, Maine

Court Orders Massachusetts to Update Rates Paid to Nonprofits

Massachusetts must update the rates paid to nonprofits for human services provided on behalf of the Commonwealth, a state judge has ordered.

Tags: Massachusetts, Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

Nonprofit Independence Challenged, Preserved in the Northeast

The public and government officials often misunderstand the relationship between governments and charitable nonprofits and mistakenly presume that rules and mandates by government ought to automatically apply to these independent organizations....

Tags: Nonprofit Independence, Maine, New Hampshire

Anchorage Proposes Taxes, Payments from Nonprofits

The Anchorage, Alaska Budget Advisory Commission recommended ending some property tax exemptions, including those applying to nonprofits,...

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs, Alaska

Erie YMCA Tax Exemption Challenged

The Warren County YMCA in Erie, PA may lose its tax exempt status unless it can prove that the...

Tags: Taxes-Fees-PILOTs, Pennsylvania

New State Offices for Faith-Based Nonprofits

New York Governor Cuomo announced the creation of a new State unit, the Office of Faith-Based Community Development Services. The Office is to...

Tags: New York, Pennsylvania, Faith-Based Offices

Governors Declaring Policy Priorities for 2015

Legislatures in more than 40 states have convened in recent weeks, and governors are taking the opportunity to set their agendas through inaugural addresses and annual State of the State/Commonwealth speeches.

Tags: Economic Development, Education, Income Inequality, Alaska, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

Teamwork Helps Eliminate Veteran Homelessness in New Orleans

Coordination between nonprofits and governments has helped New Orleans make history – becoming the first US city to effectively eliminate veteran homelessness.

Tags: Homelessness, New Orleans, Louisiana


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