Federal Policy Issues

Charities-Only Tax Bill Nearly Passes in the House

The work of charitable nonprofits in communities throughout the United States fell just a few votes short of receiving a boost by Congress last week when the ...

Tags: Charitable Giving Incentives, IRA Rollover, America Gives More Act, Supporting Americas Charities Act, HR5806

Obama Immigration Actions Alter Spending, Tax Agendas in Congress

President Obama’s executive actions to end the threat of deportation for millions of individuals in the country illegally has added a major complication to plans by Congress to fund the...

Tags: America Gives More Act, tax policy, Tax Incentives

Regular Order Returning to Congress, for Now

Congress faces yet another deadline (January 15) to approve $1.012 trillion in appropriations for the federal government before temporary spending authority expires, but this deadline is different because Congress is focused on where to spend the...

Tags: Appropriations

OMB Publishes Streamlined Grants Guidance that Benefits Charitable Nonprofits

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) officially published its ...

Tags: OMB Uniform Guidance, Indirect Costs


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