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Repeal of law that bans nonprofits from endorsing candidates said to be back on the table

Charitable nonprofits could see new pressure to endorse political candidates and partisan issues if a renewed bid to repeal the Johnson Amendment becomes a reality.

Tags: Johnson Amendment, Nonpartisanship

Greitens Sent Political Invite on Charity Email

"It is not appropriate to use 501(c)(3) charitable assets — charitable email addresses, the charitable name — to promote a candidacy for public office," said David L.

Tags: Johnson Amendment, Missouri

Maine’s Gov. LePage Accused of Using False Data in Effort to Tax Land Trusts

Some of the land trusts in question pay a reduced tax already because they are part of the state’s Tree Growth or Open Space programs and must remain as working forests.

Tags: Maine, PILOTs, Payments in Lieu of Taxes, Land Trusts

Calif. Bill Keeps Charitable Deduction in Reach for More Taxpayers

California nonprofit leaders have endorsed a maneuver in the state legislature that would allow the state’s taxpayers to offset the loss of state and local...

Tags: Tax Reform, California

Nonprofit groups grapple with tax changes

The implications for nonprofit groups could be drastic— the council estimates it could reduce nonprofit giving by $13 billion a year, according to its analysis of the tax plan.

Tags: Massachusetts, Tax Reform, Charitable Giving

Tax Law Could Deliver Billion-Dollar Blow to Social Services

Nonprofits that work in human services are likely to experience bigger impacts from the reduction than others, says David Thompson, a vice president at the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Giving

‘Nonprofits need to rally quickly’ to stave off the worst effects of the new tax law

It’s not that people will stop giving, it’s just that they won’t be incentivized to give as much, Delaney said. And there will be very real consequences from this shortfall.

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Giving, Pennsylvania

LGBTQ nonprofits fear 'disastrous' losses under new tax plan

Tim Delaney, CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, characterized several aspects of the plan as “disastrous” for the sector as a whole and cited estimates from the Tax Policy Center that the...

Tags: Tax Reform, Affordable Care Act, Charitable Giving

New tax plan will 'substantially' hurt the work of charitable nonprofits in local communities

Tim Delaney, National Council of Nonprofits president and CEO, discusses how changes in the tax code will impact charitable giving.


Tags: Charitable Giving, Tax Reform

How to get a tax break for charitable donations under the Republican tax bill

With tax rates poised to go down, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you donate as much as you can to charity by Dec.

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Deduction


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