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New Federal Grant & Contract Guidelines are a Good First Step for Everyone

The guidelines are long and complex, but highlights include:

Tags: OMB Uniform Guidance, Overhead, Indirect Costs

OMB increases indirect cost reimbursements for nonprofits

It’s also hoped the acknowledgment by OMB will get the attention of corporations and foundations whose grants funding still operates under the 7-10 percent indirect costs principle.

Tags: OMB Uniform Guidance, Indirect Costs, Overhead

Short on Revenue, State and Local Governments Exert Pressure on Nonprofits

"A lot of us on the task force kept saying we are sympathetic to municipalities with financial struggles, but we don't feel the nonprofit sector is the appropriate source of revenue to relieve those pressures," Brenda Peluso, director of public...

Tags: Budgets, PILOTs, Fees

Charitable nonprofits: A little take, a lot of give

Charitable nonprofits raise property values, increase the quality of life and generally take up 5 to 10 percent of a tax base, a relatively small amount, said David Thompson, National Council of Nonprofits vice president of public policy.

Tags: Economic Impact

New nonprofit alliance will have big impact in Florida

There are 36 other states that already have a statewide organization recognized by the National Council of Nonprofits and Florida is finally getting our own. It’s ridiculous we haven’t been one of the national leaders.

Tags: Florida

Health Groups Get Paid On Time

Nonprofits were owed, on average, more than $200,000 for services provided to state governments in 2012 and nearly a third of nonprofits reported receiving late payments from governments.

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform

5 reasons candidates should listen to nonprofits

Did you know that nonprofit workers represent 10 percent of the work force? That’s a whole lot of voters who care about a whole lot of causes.

Tags: Economic Impact, Employment

Federal Grantees to Get Help With Overhead Costs

The Office of Management and Budget said it considered higher rates, but that it picked a “conservative” amount “to protect the federal government from excessive over reimbursement.”

Tags: OMB Uniform Guidance, Overhead, Indirect Costs

Peduto: Continue state oversight of Pittsburgh

A loosely-formed consortium of nonprofits has contributed to public services since 2005, when over 100 tax-exempt property owners contributed about $14 million. But the total fell to about $2.6 million in 2011 before the last agreement expired....

Tags: PILOTs, Pennsylvania

Fed. Contracting Case Bad News for Nonprofits

Although the National Council of Nonprofits and the Urban Institute released...

Tags: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform


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