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Tax reforms may pose significant hit to charitable giving

The National Council of Nonprofits responded with a statement calling for Congress and charitable nonprofits to “quickly identify relevant data and come to a consensus on how best to improve the universal charitable deduction so that all American...

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Giving Incentives, Charitable Deduction

Key conservative Republican eyes bigger tax break for charity

He said his bill “may have a good chance of being included" in a broader tax-reform package.

David Thompson, vice president of public policy at the National Council of Nonprofits, called the effort “a very happy surprise.”

Tags: Charitable Giving Incentives, Tax Reform, Charitable Deduction

White House still deciding who gets Trump's Harvey donation

But Rick Cohen, communications director for the National Council of Nonprofits, said there's already intense competition among organizations for Harvey donations.

Tags: Disaster Relief, Donors

United Way finds more resources with merger

When two nonprofits join operations, they usually bring together great ideas and energy, said Rick Cohen, director of communications and operations at the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: Collaboration

After-school Programs Work to Host, Show Off for Their Elected Officials

But how cosy should nonprofits be with elected officials?

Stand for your mission, advises the National Council of Nonprofits.

Tags: Everyday Advocacy, Advocacy

Charities Move to Offset Effects of GOP Tax Bill

Congress included a universal deduction in a 1981 tax bill, dubbed the “Christmas-tree bill” because of the many tax-cutting ornaments added by lawmakers, according to a 2016 report by the Tax Policy Center.

Tags: Tax Reform, Universal Deduction, Charitable Giving Incentive

Charities Might Avoid Partisan Politics Even if Ban Is Lifted

But many secular charities, like a lot of religious ones, do not want to mix their charitable missions with politics, sources say.

Tags: Johnson Amendment, Nonpartisanship

How tax reform could hit charitable giving

The double whammy of doubling the standard deduction while lowering the top rate to 35% from 39.6% could reduce giving by between $5 billion and $13 billion a year, or up to 4.6%, according to a recent study by the Lilly Family School of...

Tags: Charitable Giving Incentive, Tax Reform, Universal Deduction

Charities Coax Lawmakers to Rethink Tax Plan

Elsewhere in the tax debate, many charities are choosing to stay on the sidelines when it comes to the estate tax, because lawmakers are unlikely to be swayed on that issue.

Tags: Tax Reform, Charitable Giving Incentive

Measure to Weaken Johnson Amendment Moves Forward

Today, the Act passed with the rider attached. In response, Delaney released the following statement:

Tags: Nonpartisanship, Johnson Amendment


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