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Streamlined EO Application Must Go, Group Says

A short and simple IRS form used by groups seeking tax-exempt status as charitable organizations should be replaced by a new version to prevent ineligible organizations from obtaining exemption, according to a national network of nonprofits.

Tags: Form 1023-EZ, Tax Exemption

Streamlined Nonprofit Application Needs Fixing, IRS Told

A form used to streamline the approval process for obtaining tax-exempt status should be recreated because it has failed to ensure that the IRS grants exempt status to only eligible organizations, the National Council of Nonprofits said in a...

Tags: IRS, Tax Exemption, Form 1023-EZ

Slim Democratic Senate Majority May Test Biden Tax Plans

Some groups are already offering potential tax policy changes that they hope Democrats will include on their list of must-pass legislation this year.

Tags: Universal Charitable Deduction, Charitable Giving

The new stimulus bill makes donating to charity more attractive — but is it enough for struggling nonprofits?

Since March, charitable nonprofit organizations have shed nearly one million jobs and “thousands” of organizations are now permanently shuttered, Tim Delaney, CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, said Monday.  

Tags: COVID-19, #Relief4Charities

Massive relief bill leaves some industries happy, others disappointed

The National Council of Nonprofits applauded the extension, as well as other provisions, but said the package doesn’t do enough because it limits nonprofits’ access to PPP loans.

Tags: COVID-19, #Relief4Charities

Deal or no deal, millions of jobless Americans stand to lose aid lifeline

Yet since the outset of the pandemic, nonprofits have shed nearly 1 million of their own workers: Not only has that created a greater need for services, but it has also driven up costs due to the need to purchase protective gear and execute other...

Tags: #Relief4Charities, Nonprofit Impact

Where are the tax breaks?

But as of now, the most likely variations of a deal wouldn’t even look to have a tax title, leaving a variety of avenues for tax relief out in the cold.

Tags: #Relief4Charities, COVID-19, Universal Charitable Deduction, Charitable Giving

Generosity, an 'antidote' to fear, division': How to help those in need on Giving Tuesday

Donations to nonprofits plummeted in the first quarter of the year as lockdowns began and layoffs skyrocketed, said Rick Cohen, chief communications officer for the National Council of Nonprofits. In May, half of the charities that responded to ...

Tags: Charitable Giving, #Relief4Charities

Giving Tuesday: Everyone gets a tax break on the first $300 they donate to nonprofits in 2020

“For people giving, it gives more flexibility and makes it easier for people to dig a little bit deeper at a time when nonprofits can really use the assistance,” Cohen says.

Tags: #Relief4Charities, Charitable Giving, #GivingTuesday

There are many reasons to donate to charity this Giving Tuesday — but here’s a little added tax incentive

“It’s not motivation to give. It’s what gives people the ability to give more,” said Rick Cohen, spokesman and chief operating officer for the National Council of Nonprofits. “Right now, every dollar counts.

Tags: Charitable Giving, Universal Deduction


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