Advocacy in Action

To demonstrate how common nonprofit advocacy is – and how effective it can be in advancing missions, improving lives, and strengthening communities – each edition of our free e-newsletter, The Nonprofit Champion, concludes with a current example of “Advocacy in Action.”

So you may be inspired by everyday advocacy by nonprofits across the country, this page provides links to those stories – with the most recent stories posted at the top, flowing backward in reverse chronological order.

Exploring an example of effective communication of the key details of a policy issue by Jim White of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

In legislative advocacy, doing the same thing over and over isn’t the usual definition of insanity. Rather, it can be a strategy for building momentum that leads to ultimate passage of a law.

Nonprofit lobbying takes many forms. A sign-on letter blends the best of both forms of lobbying – a direct appeal on a legislative priority – including “the ask” – and showing significant support.

Bringing the message directly to elected officials and their staff members can advance legislative solutions or establish relationships that last well beyond the session.

The nonprofit workforce shortage crisis is one of the greatest challenges for the nonprofit sector. Government policies and practices on nonprofit grants and contracts exacerbate that crisis.

Why We Write

January 9, 2023

Here at the beginning of the New Year, with a new newsletter name (Nonprofit Champion) and format, we remind ourselves and share with you why we write this publication and reiterate the principles on which it stands.

The thinking goes that maybe back in the days of old that everyone scoured the daily printed newspaper for articles they could clip, photocopy, and hand out or mail to contacts. But that day has long

For nonprofit advocates, following up with elected officials, bureaucrats, and supporters after monumental moments helps ensure good intentions result in positive impact. Here are two simple practices

What’s a great law that’s not implemented? A waste of time. Follow-through isn’t just important; it’s essential if the time and effort dedicated to passing the law are to be redeemed.

Elections give charitable nonprofits the opportunity to raise candidates’ awareness about both the impact of their organizations and the needs in communities.