Advancing Missions Through Advocacy

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Advocacy is essential to advance and achieve nonprofits' missions.

To demonstrate how common nonprofit advocacy is – and how effective it can be in advancing missions, improving lives, and strengthening communities – each edition of our free e-newsletter, Nonprofit Advocacy Matters, concludes with a current example of “Advocacy in Action.” Here are some recent examples:

  • On Friday afternoon, July 24, the power and value of sign-on letters became gloriously apparent. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) informed nearly 1,000 nonprofits on a... Read More

  • Charitable nonprofits typically have difficulty amassing compelling data on impact and a dickens of a time convincing government officials to take notice. Which makes this story all the more impressive – the Comptroller of New York City and an association of nonprofits jointly issued a report... Read More

  • The 2020 Census is still underway despite most people remaining sheltered in place. So how can the Census Bureau continue to get the word out when people are stuck inside? Officials turned to the creativity of the citizenry, and we’re celebrating the individuals who responded to give voice (and... Read More

  • There is no template or playbook for what our country is going through; nonprofit innovation is in ultra-high demand. The rapid-succession passage of two federal COVID-19 stimulus bills poses immense opportunities for nonprofits to secure immediate relief, but only if they know how to access the... Read More

  • A community’s character is on display when a crisis hits. The threat of a coronavirus pandemic is causing some in our society to panic, hoard, and price gouge. But in the nonprofit community, the emerging crisis is demonstrating humanity's finer instincts. 

    Here are some of the... Read More

About Advocacy in Action

Pick your cliché, the Advocacy in Action feature is where “the rubber hits the road” and where we feature nonprofits not only “talking the talk,” but also “walking the walk.” For us, it’s not enough just to report what’s going on. Here, we share the inspiration of advocacy activities by practitioners around the country. Advocacy in Action articles in 2018 featured innovations in the areas of relationship building, messaging and communications, subject-matter expertise, policy development, grassroots mobilization, and more. The articles don’t just end the newsletter on a high note (which they do); they also encourage us (and hopefully you) to identify and learn from everyday advocacy successes that are mission-centered and proof that advocacy works.

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